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We at Scalar Energy Product Review provide non biased answers on popular Scalar and EMF Products that are out there. through Rigorous testing and accumulation of knowledge we are able to help provide you with the answers that you need. 

So Why do we need Scalar Products and EMF Protection and whats the difference? Let me explain below.

Technology has certainly grown in the past few years, while it devices such as computers, cell phones and offices make information more readily available they are providing Negative side affects. These devices produce Positive Ions and Electro Magnetic Frequencies that disturbs the way your body functions. 

Too Many Positive Ions

can produce cross linking of atoms in your body which can affect anything from your mood to your physical health. Some Problems that are caused by too many positive Ions include weakness in your immune system, slower digestion, an unbalanced nervous system as well as a lower rate of cellular metabolism. (Read More Here)

The Solution? Scalar Energy! Scalar Energy insures that these kinds of things do not happen by adding negative Ions to remove cross linking. As a result start to feel like yourself again with improved cellular metabolization which in turn greatly improves your body’s other functions. 

The Production of Scalar Energy can be placed into two categories. Personal and Home Protection.

The Best Personal Scalar Products

Unfortunately not all Scalar Products are considered equal so out of the countless products I have tested these are the ones that I found were the Best for Personal Protection. 

Scalar Waves, Scalar WANDS

Scalar Wands

Iyashi Zero Point Wand

Starts At $200
  • Best for Targeting Areas
  • High Count of Negative Ions
  • BFIT Infused
Iyashi Scalar Bracelet Package, Scalar Bracelets,best scalar energy products

Scalar Bracelets

Iyashi Bracelet

Starts at $120
  • Best for Portability
  • High Count of Negative Ions
  • BFIT Infused
iyashi negative ion scalar energy pendant, scalar pendants, best scalar energy products,best scalar energy pednants

Scalar pendants

Iyashi Scalar Pendant

Starts At $37
  • Best for Portability
  • HIgh Count of Negative Ions
  • BFIT Infused

These are all great products for your on the go lifestyle that you can take with you wherever you go.

If you are looking for more Scalar Energy production for extended areas it is best to look at The Best Home Scalar Products.

The Best Home Scalar Products

The Bets Home Scalar Products offers you the best range of protection. These products give you a greater concentration of negative ions to help prevent cross linking of too many positive ions.



PEMF/Photon Mats

Starting At $500
  • - Great for Full Body Recovery
  • - Made of Combination or all of Tourmaline, Jade and Amethyst

Energy Duvets

With Tourmaline Fibers

Starting At $100
  • - Best for Restful Sleep
  • - Made of Tourmaline and Magnets
Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone

Chakra Stones

ZPE Chakra Stones

Starting At $75
  • - Best For Regenerating Food
  • - Made of Bioceramic Material

I am a big fan of these . Infact I have one at home that I lie on after my workouts. These Mats are excellent with recovery. Simply lie on them for 20 to 30 minutes and your pain for sore muscles and joints decreases substantially. 

I personally liked the Healthy Wave PEMF Mats over the Bemer PEMF Mats as the best as they speed up healing time for tissue such as bones, nerves and other vital organs. The even reverse any EMF damage that has been done throughout the day! The PEMF Mat is the ultimate healing device for all kinds of different symptoms. 

EMF Protection

What are EMF’s and why do we need protection from them? EMF means “Electro Magnetic Frequencies”. To start off let me first start of by explaining that there are two  types of EMF’s. The “Good EMF’s” which are produced naturally and “Bad EMF’s“. Unfortunately if you live in the city or a suburban neighbourhood you are exposed to many Bad EMFs. Bad EMF’s are Produced by man made electronics such as Computers, Offices, Cell Phones and even simple counter appliances like Blenders, Stoves, Toasters and many others.  To Learn more about EMF’s Click here

The Good News is there are lots of differnet products out there that can protect you from EMFs. The bad news? The all range in quality. Thankfully I have tested a good majority of them and will post my findings of the Best Personal EMF Protectors and the Best Home EMF Protectors Below.

The Best Personal EMF Protectors

Shieldite Pendant



Starting At $37
  • - Best for Limited Personal Protection
  • - BFIT Infused

Cell Phone Protectors

Cellphone EMF Protectors

Starting At $24
  • - Best For Cellphone Protection
  • - BFIT Infused


Bracelet, Cell and Pendant Combos

Starting At $94
  • - Best For Full Spectrum EMF Protection
  • - BFIT Infused

Personal EMF Protection is great for people that have to walk through lots of dirty EMF fields such as cities, offices and buildings that have multiple appliances and computers going on within a small area. It helps deflect these unnatural fields and replaces them with natural earth grounded EMFs or “Good EMF’s” . 

These Earth Grounded EMF’s give you a clear head space and allow you to go on with your day with more energy and less unhealthy side effects such as insomnia and constant headaches. 

The Best Home EMF Protectors



Starting At $270
  • - Best For ALL Electronic Devices
  • - Made of Shiedite



Starting At $120
  • - Best for Most Electronic Devices
  • - Made of Shieldite
  • List Item #3



Starting At $70
  • - Best for Most Electronic Devices
  • - Made of Shieldite
  • List Item #3

Home EMF Protection consists of a bigger area of coverage. As a result the EMF Protection product is larger as well.  I particularly liked the Sheildite Pyramid because of it’s range and the fact that itr can cover full rooms with ample protection for more than one person. 

As a result you and the ones you love can experience more mental clarity without the insomnia or headaches associated with bad EMFs.