Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Review

Nu-Me Scalar Pendant

The Nu-Me Scalar Pendant is a device that balances your energy levels as well as protects you from EMF and disturbed energy. It is embedded with Scalar waves that are able to keep you calm, eliminate stress and boosts your energy as well as helps protect your immune system.

Here is a short video demonstration of the Nu-Me Pendant in Action


The Nu-Me Scalar Pendant comes in different sizes and variations.

RegularNu-Me Scalar Pendant Silver

Measured at 3.5 cm diameter it comes in a copper or silver finish, the silver pendant goes for $249 the Copper goes for $199.00 It is used for both men and women who are electro-sensitive or are facing health issues, it is not recommended that you give this to a child 12 years or under.



Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Compact

Nu-Me Compact

Measured at 2.5 cm diameter it also has the selection of either a silver or copper finish, same prices as above. It is ideal for men, women and children who are energy sensitive.




Clip On
Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Clip On

This Pendant is similar to the regular size except it is a clip on that you can wear on your shirt or belt. It only comes in a silver finish.




Nu-Me Skinny

Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Yin and YangThis Pendant has two sides, one with a specific design and the other with the Nu-Me Logo. This stylish bracelet is as powerful as the Regular Pendant and features a protective field of 6.5 meters ! It Goes for $199.




Nu-Me Confidential
Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Zing

Comes in Four different varieties including the Elan, the Zing , the Pizazz and the Nu-Me Shell. These products have full EMF protection from unbalanced energy as well Scalar wave protection all while looking like jewellery.




Nu-me Snappy and Natty 
Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Snappy

The Nu-Me snappy Bands are bands that you slap around your wrist. They are mostly for kids (but adults can wear them too),they help protect your child from Electromagnetic Radiation, energy Balance, help concentration and learning, help with correct sleep patterns and helps calm them.
The Nu-Me Natty pendants are a colourful pendant that can be worn by Children, Adults and even pets to help aid from Electromagnetic radiation along with energy balancing along with everything that is Featured in the Nu-Me Scalar Pendant.




The Results

Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Copper

I ordered the Nu-Me Regular Copper Pendant from Life Energy Designs and upon inspection I noticed that it came in a nice gift pouch and has a cord with a copper clasp that came with it. I decided to assemble it which was easy enough. Because I work with Computers a lot I decided to wear it throughout my day and I almost instantly felt more energized and focused. A lot of the times when I am in front of the computer too long I become disinterested with what I am doing or I get distracted with something else. Well with this pendant I became focused on what I was doing and did not have the temptation of getting distracted with something else. Also what I usually find is that when I am in front of a computer screen too long I get headaches a lot of the time when I am exposed to too much negative energy that comes from either other people or being around electronics almost 24/7. With this pendant a lot of that went away and I was in a generally favourable mood.

While this pendant works it is rated low because of it’s high price and the fact it’s negative ion count is lower than less expensive pendants . Overall this is a good Product which does it’s job for EMF protection and slightly as a Scalar Product. If you don’t mind wearing it all the time then this is definitely the product for you.

Rating: 4.5/10 for Scalar Use

6/10 for EMF Protections

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