The Best Scalar Energy Pendants

best scalar pendants

What Are Scalar Pendants

And why do you need them?

Scalar Pendants are devices that help protect your body from bad energies produced by electronic devices such as the device that you are currently reading this from. Scalar Pendants help give you all day protection while going on to your day to life around technology.

How Does a Scalar Pendant Heal Me?

Scalar Pendants help protect us by providing out bodies with proper vibrational frequencies that we would only receive from being outside near areas where natural energy flows such as water falls.  These Vibrational Frequencies allow our cells to perfom functions such as cellular respiration and regeneration properly to make sure our bodies perform properly.  This is done through the transfer of negative ions to pair with atoms that have too many positive ions. 

While “Positive” In our native language usually means “good” or “great” in ion terms you can have too many of them. When there are too many positive ions Cross Linking occurs which means there are too many positive ions in your system which can lead to depression, insomnia, headaches, joint pains along with other side effects. If untreated for a long enough period of time Cross Linking can start to form more serious diseases such as a wide array of different cancers and Tumors that can start to develop and spread throughout your body. You can read more about Scalar Energy Here

Negative Ions allow your cells to separate from each other and vibrate at a correct frequency making you feel more like your self even in environments with a lot positive ion producing technology.  Many of the Scalar Pendants listed below in out list also provide some EMF Protection. To read more about EMF Protection click here.

More reasons to use Scalar Energy 

  • Helps Clear Energy Blockages
  • Increases muscular endurance
  • Helps aid with energy circulation within your body
  • Calms mental State, Harmonizes body
  • Clears Negative energy you may be experiencing (both from yourself and other people)
  • Slows down the aging process when used consistently 
  • Increases Productivity and Creativity in your brain
  • Provides some EMF Protection (See this Article)
  • Reduces the experience of jet lag which aids in recovery
  • Promotes Positivity around one’s self which can be contagious to other people
  • Reduces the effects of fatigue and drowsiness
  • Increases Recovery Rate after exercise
  • Beneficial for both Plants and Animals including pets, houseplants
  • Extends and enhances the shelf life and flavor of fruits and vegetables!

While there is a lot of choice between Scalar Pendants not all of them are equal. Many companies claim to have the best product but do not actually have the science to back it up. I took it upon myself to create a list of the best Scalar Energy Pendants that provide a combination of the factors you would look for in a Scalar Energy Pendant.

The Best Scalar Energy Pendants You Can Buy

The selection of the Best Scalar Pendants came down to 5 Criteria. We Reviewed the most popular Scalar Wands for comparison sake.

The First: Negative Ion Counts:
A Scalar Pendant or product for that matter is only as successful as it’s Negative Ion Counts. More Negative Ions means more pairing to eliminate free radicals or positive ions that make you feel unwell. Too much Cross Linking of Positive Ions lead to problems in your DNA and can lead to illnesses as extreme as cancer down the road.

The Second: Ease of Use
How easy is it use and are the instructions clear? This is often an overlooked criteria but I believe it is just as important as the Others. If you are not explained how to use it,, it just doesn’t work!

The Third: Warranty 
If the Company stands by their product and it actually works chances are they will have a good warranty associated with their product. Good warranties mean confidence in their products

The Fourth: Price 
What are you really paying for? there are countless companies who jack up their price to make a quick buck on products that are less than effective. The last thing you want is a over price product that fails expectations

The Fifth: Total Rating
Or the combined rating. Even though the rating is technically rated out of 20 we round down to 10 for simplicity sake

Scalar BraceletsNegative Ion Counts Ease of Use
Warranty Price (USD)Total Rating
best scalar Pendants
Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Pendant
4600 Negative Ions
5 Points
-Very Clear Instructions
5 Points
– 30 Day Money Back
– Life Time Warranty
5 Points
2 Points
Green Aventrine,best scalar energy pendants
IIT Health Scalar Crystal Pendants
No Negative Ions
0 Points
-Very Clear Instructions
5 Points
– 30 Day Money
-Lifetime Warranty
5 Points
4 Points
best scalar pendants
Quantum Science Pendant
3,600 Negative Ions
4 Points
-Good Amount of Information
4 Points
– Not Specified
0 Points
3 Points
Labradorite scalar crystal jewellery,best scalar energy pendants
Scalar Crystal Jewellery
No Negative Ions
0 Points
-Some Information
3 Points
– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
3 Points
Starts at $19.99
5 Points
Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Silver, Scalar Energy products,best scalar energy pendants
Nu-Me Scalar Pendant
1000 Negative Ions
2 Points
-Some Instructions
(lots of videos)
3 Points
– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
3 Points
Starts at $199.00
1 Point

1.Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant

Slotted at the 1. Spot and declared the Best Scalar Energy Pendant, the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant ticks off all of the boxes. , it is relatively small in comparison to other pendants which makes it very portable while producing the same or higher output of negative Ions as other brands at 4,600. I value this quality because a lot of people including myself live busy and active lives and if you were to say be running and you have a huge pendant dangling around every which way it can get cumbersome and annoying.

 The Information provided by Iyashi are very clear in their pendants page and the packaging and instructions provided are a big help in terms of understanding the technology involved.  It’s money back guarantee is standard of most companies at 30 days but it’s Life Time Defect guarantee is the best in the industry without a doubt.  It does however feature the most expensive price. While it has the lowest rating in terms of price value wise I still think it is the best pick due to it’s smaller design and the fact that it actually packs more negative ions then any other pendants out there. 

While I cannot speak for everyone`s style choices I think this product is quite the looker with its sleek rain drop design on the front which make it a good conversation piece.  This product also gets full marks in value because it comes with a authenticity Scalar energy card which is infused with negative Ions for addition protection that you can safely keep in your product. So we have gone through the pro’s of this product now let’s talk more about what actually makes it effective and the technology which is involved in the making of this product

Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant,best scalar energy pendants

The Technology

Some benefits of the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Pendant include:
-4,000 negative Ions generated per minute
-Medium EMF Protection
-18,000 different kinds of energy frequencies which are made possible by Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology
-Far Infrared Energy provided
-Scalar and zero point energy frequencies infused in this pendant

What makes this pendant unique is the fact that you have Negative Ions paired with Scalar Energy Infusion. Many other pendants usually only use one or the other. What makes this possible is the combination of Iyashi Ceramics and Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology. Iyashi Ceramics are the material that is based inside the pendant that are a haven for negative ion production. This is possible with the help of crystal properties such as Tourmaline, Germanium and a combination of other gemstones being heated to 3000 Degrees Fahrenheit , cooled and then heated again. This process is continued 9 times over so that the crystal gemstones infused together generate many many negative Ions. Other benefits from this infusion process include far-infrared energy as well as the natural vibration frequencies that are embedded into the crystals. Biometric Frequency Infusion is a process where a full spectrum of scalar energy patterns is embedded on the pendant which is done once the product is finished and shaped. One of the only ways to infuse scalar energy is for the product to be done at the appropriate vibrational frequency level, it is then tested to make sure that these scalar energies are detected and are set to the right vibrational frequency level. Some other benefits that this pendant boosts are the following:

-Strengthens Bio-field
-Strengthens Aura
-Helps Balance your Chakras
-Clears energy blockages that occur in your system
-Accelerates energetic healing

My Reviewiyashi negative ion scalar energy pendant, scalar pendants, best scalar energy products,best scalar energy pednants

When I tried out this pendant I used it in working and physical conditions. I first tried it when I worked out and I felt it first effect my mood and then stabilize me better as I progressed through my workout routine. Many times when I start a workout it`s in the morning, I am far from a morning person and a lot of the times I am tired and feel a bit disinterested in working out. I put this pendant on 30 minutes before working out and started feeling a lift in my mood and focus. For this particular day i started off with the bench press which I was actually able to go heavier than before with a 160 lb weight with 5 sets and 5 repetitions. Next up was squats and bent over rows to which I felt more balanced and once again was able to increase my weight on both exercises. The most important part of all this is that I did not wear down as I progressed through the different exercises and continued to feel fantastic throughout the day.  When working I was able to keep focus and my productivity level was raised because of it`s EMF protection and the fact that it was sending negative ions to neutralize positive ones.

Rating: 8.5/10

To Read my full review on the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Pendant click below.

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2. IIT Health Scalar Pendants (Crystal Series)

Ranked second in the best scalar energy pendants because of the criteria that I had followed in the beginning paragraph of price, feel, effectiveness, style and value. This is a very reasonably priced pendant at $29.95, it is even lighter than the 1. Best Scalar Energy Pendant however it lost a few points in effectiveness as no Negative Ions are produced and it mostly relies on Biometric Frequency Technology and natural Scalar energy from the said Crystal.

The instructions on how to use it and the technology/ Healing Benefits involved are pretty clear. Like Iyashi, IIT Health also features the same money back guarantee and life time warranty as well as 30 days and life time defect warranty. The Crystals have the second best price of the group which is a bonus considering they are BFT (Biometric Frequency Technology)  certified with 18,000 guaranteed vibrational frequencies.

However the style made up for it as these are probably the most stylish scalar energy pendants on this list with a simple yet elegant design  These Iyashi Scalar Pendants are crystals that you can choose based on your personality type or need. Infused with Biometric Frequency Technology which produces over 18,000 vibrational frequencies to help with the following:

-Strengthened, Bio-field, Aura and energetic biofield
-Balances the 7 major chakras
-Buffers EMF’s
– Clears blockages in energy
– Repairs and Strengthens your zero point field

Many people choose the crystal they want based on looks but do not realise that each stone actually brings different healing properties and benefits. There is a chart on some choices that you can use below.

Iyashi Scalar Pendant chart,best scalar energy pendants

The Technology

These crystals by themselves produce unique subtle energy patterns that are based on the different type of crystal you select. Each crystal has it’s own set of different kinds of vibrational frequencies which is naturally infused into the crystal over time. These healing crystals have been used for thousands of years as energy tools for different symptoms they were facing, the same applies today.

My ReviewGreen Aventrine,best scalar energy pendants

Mental Fog is something that I experience in my day to day life, and this product definitely helped that with it’s subtle energy patterns. The Crystal I choose was The Green Aventurine Crystal as it promoted growth and opportunity which is something I always look for! It’s sleek design also did not feel cumbersome whatsoever and many times I forgot that I had it on while I was walking around, to which of course I would be reminded because I would get some compliments on it every now and then!

Rating: 7/10

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3. Quantum Science Pendant

best scalar pendants

Rated at Number 3 The Quantum Science Pendant is the most popular of the bunch.  However, the competition has caught up to them and in my mind have done a better job.  While the Quantum Science Pendant does have the second best negative ion output of the bunch there are some worrying signs associated with this pendant. The biggest issue I have is the fact that they do not have any warranty or money back guarantee specified on their website. How is one supposed to know if the product works without trying it? 

The Technology

The Quantum Science Pendant is made of deep earth minerals that is made from Lava.  Deep Earth Minerals have an abundance of Electrons which in turn produces negative ions. After looking at their website I did not find much more useful information other than how it will make you feel and the benefits of Negative Ions.  

The Review

I ordered one to try it out and see how it made me feel compared to the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Pendant. Overall I did feel the effect of the negative Ions neutralising my body throughout most of the day. I felt more energetic and recharged. However, I felt that the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Pendant gave more longevity even after I took the pendant off for a few days. The Quantum Science Pendants resulted in about a days worth of my body being neutralised after taking the pendant off but the sluggishness would come back . 

Rating 6/10

4. Scalar Crystal Jewellery

Turquize scalar crystal jewellery,best scalar energy pendantsbest scalar energy pendantsbest scalar energy pendantsbest scalar energy pendants

Ranked at the number Four spot in the best scalar energy pendants,  similar to the idea of Iyashi’s Crystal Series scalar pendants the Scalar Crystal Jewellery by Life Energy Designs has a wide array of different styles and designs. Because of the different styles and designs the prices range but the cheapest one is quite reasonable at 19.00 USD.

Life Energy Designs did do a decent job conveying the strengths of each crystal and have a full page write up on it but like others it did not go into full depth on how they do their job.  The Scalar Crystal Jewellery did however, feature the best price of the bunch and does have a standard 30 day money back guarantee.  

The good news is the Scalar crystal Jewellery has a lot more different styles and wins points over the Iyashi Scalar Pendants in that respect but I found they were a bit less effective because to my knowledge this item did not have Bio-Metric Frequency Technology in it. This is still a great item for energetic healing purposes but I personally thought the Iyashi was the better buy even though it is $10.00 USD more. If your want something that is a general mood lifter and is a looker this is the pendant for you.

The Technology

Similar to the Nu-Me Scalar Pendant the Scalar Crystal Jewellery is embedded with Scalar Waves in Solfeggio Healing Frequencies. However this product does not provide very much EMF protection as it mostly relies on the healing frequencies provided by the crystals. The different crystals provide different healing benefits. Read out review for more on that.

The ReviewCarnelian Life energy Scalar Designs Jewellery, best scalar energy pendants

I ended up choosing the Carnelian Crystal as it is the stone of stabilization which helps restore vitality and motivation, boosts courage as well as encourages a positive outlook in negative situations which is something I try to work on every day. Before putting the Crystal on I was feeling tired and drained that day, upon putting it on, like advertised my mood began to increase as the day wore on, negative thoughts turned into positive more uplifting ones, as a result what was looking like an unproductive day soon turned to be productive!

I did however feel that the IIT Health Crystal Series did a better job at keeping my energy and mood levels at par because it featured 18,000 Vibrational Frequencies. 

Rating: 5.5/10

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5. Nu-Me Scalar Pendant


Ranked last in the best scalar energy pendants it is none the less a powerful device that is effective and stylish, coming in two different styles and shapes.

It is perhaps unfair that we classified this pendant in this group as it is meant to be an EMF Protector and not so much a scalar product. However the foundation of it is to still balance your energy and it is aligned with Solfegio healing frequencies which are related to scalar energy. When testing the Nu-Me Pendant out we used a Negative Ion meter and found it produced about 1,000 negative Ions. This is a bit disappointing considering the price you have to pay for this device.  Thankfully it did feature some instructions on how to use it and how it is used on it’s website and it’s 30 day money back garuntee does instil confidence in the product. The reason why it is rated the lowest is because of it’s high price tag which is too bad.  

The pendant comes in Copper and Silver lining and comes in the regular and compact sizes of 3.5 cm and 2.5 cm accordingly. This device is powerful because it has Scalar Waves embedded in the form of solfeggio healing frequencies. This pendant also claims that it offers complete EMF protection.This Pendant did loose some points because the price tag is at $249- 199 USD but it was effective in keeping calm and eliminated any alleviated stress that was being caused as well as boost my energy throughout the day but I will get to that later. It acts as a functional unisex pendant or can come in a clip-on form that you can clip to your belt or wherever else. The Nu-Me also comes in many different styles for a more feminine perspective with pieces like the Nu-Me Elan, Nu-Me Zing, Nu-Me Pizazz and Nu-Me Shell. They even have a child’s line of Nu-Me Natty and Snappy which comes with colorful accessories such as pendant holders and wristbands. From our list this definitely has the widest depth and breadth of products.

The Technologybest scalar energy pendants

As stated above the Nu-Me Scalar Pendant can protect you from EMF damage as well as give off more energy, alleviate stress and keep you calm. How does it do it? Well as mentioned before it  comes embedded with scalar waves in the form of solfeggio healing frequencies. What are Solfeggio healing frequencies?  Solfeggio Healing Frequencies are six electromagnetic sound frequencies that correlate to the six missing notes in the Solfeggio scale. To correlate notes to energy just think of sound as vibrations in the air in the energetic field that effect everything in life that we know of. Everything is vibrational energy, it can affect our moods, energy levels and much more. All of these pendants goes through a thorough testing procedure using 5 different devices including Polycontrast Interference Photography, Gas Discharge visualisation , Electro Scanning Method, Electro Intertial Scan and Chakra Temperatures on 20 different individuals. Find out more here.

The ReviewNu-Me Scalar Pendant Copper, best scalar energy pendants

As advertised this product did exactly as expected, working with computers most of the time it can drain your energy reserves after a while and start feeling unmotivated, upon putting it on distractions were minimal for me, that was a sign that my energy was increasing and so was my focus. I also found that my mood was more favourable after wearing this pendant. The personnel were very supportive when I had any questions and with a 30 day money back guarantee you knew that they had a lot of confidence in their product.

This is by all means not a terrible product at all but where it has lost the majority of it’s points was it’s price tag which was more than $100 more expensive  than the next pendant and the negative ion output of 1,000.  This is better used as an EMF Protection Tool. 

Rating: 4.5/10

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Similar to the Best Scalar Products list, when choosing which are the best scalar energy pendants I do not just choose just the product but the companies that are behind them. I make sure that through each buying experience that you get plenty of support as this particular category is not the most stable in terms of support as there are a lot of multi level marketing products that use other people to sell products for them.I have dealt with Iyashi Source and Life Energy Designs multiple times and they have all been very helpful and informative and supportive, providing answers to simple to complex questions. All of these Scalar Energy pendants do a sufficient job at boosting energy levels and much more as you already read. By doing this list I hope to help people just like me who sometimes need that extra productivity or energy kick without going into expensive pharmaceutical alternatives. If you have any more products that you feel should be added in the best scalar energy pendants category or have any general questions feel free to comment below or email me at . I hope this guide helped direct your path in search of the best scalar energy pendants.  

best scalar energy pendants