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IIT Health Scalar Pendants: The Crystal Series

IIT Health has recently released It’s Crystal series of IIT Health Scalar pendants which feature similar Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology as found in their wands and bracelets but in a crystal form . Some of the benefits created by the energetic frequencies within the Crystals are the following:

  • Bolsters up Bio-Field
  • Harmonizes the Chakras
  • Bolsters the Aura up
  • Repairs Zero Point energy Field
  • Increases energetic Biofield
  • Removes harmful EMF’s from body
  • Removes harmful energy blockages
  • Increases Energetic healing
  • Removes negative energy in the body’s Biofield

IIT Health Scalar PendantWhat makes these IIT Health Scalar pendants different from other pendants is that it provides a full spectrum of more than 18,000 different energy patterns which is made possible through BFIT’s (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) just like in the wands and bracelets. To give you a quick recap on what these are and how they help you. It basically brings out thousands of vibrational frequencies to any part of your body to help balance your body’s biofield which in turn balances your body which makes you in turn feel better and do the things you enjoy doing.

How do these IIT Health Scalar Pendants stack up against the competition? 

Scalar BraceletsNegative Ion Counts Ease of Use
Warranty Price (USD)Total Rating
best scalar Pendants
Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Pendant
4600 Negative Ions
5 Points
-Very Clear Instructions
5 Points
– 30 Day Money Back
– Life Time Warranty
5 Points
2 Points
Green Aventrine,best scalar energy pendants
IIT Health Scalar Crystal Pendants
No Negative Ions
0 Points

-Very Clear Instructions
5 Points

– 30 Day Money
-Lifetime Warranty
5 Points
4 Points
best scalar pendants
Quantum Science Pendant
3,600 Negative Ions
4 Points
-Good Amount of Information
4 Points
– Not Specified
0 Points
3 Points
Labradorite scalar crystal jewellery,best scalar energy pendants
Life Energy Designs Scalar Crystal Jewellery
No Negative Ions
0 Points
-Some Information
3 Points
– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
3 Points
Starts at $19.99
5 Points
Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Silver, Scalar Energy products,best scalar energy pendants
Nu-Me Scalar Pendant
1000 Negative Ions
2 Points
-Some Instructions
(lots of videos)
3 Points
– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
3 Points
Starts at $199.00
1 Point


Turns out pretty well! While These Crystals feature no negative ions they do feature BFIT which hold 18,000 different subtle energy patterns that help balance your bodies bio field.  

The two categories where the IIT Health Crystal Scalar Pendant held up best were it’s ease of use and it’s Warranty. As I have stated a few times very few companies besides Iyashi and IIT Health offer great instructions and warranties to give buyers confidence in their products. Big flags are raised in my mind when the company does not go in depth into the technology and instructions as well as not having a good money back guarantee/ warranty. IIT Health and Iyashi get big check marks in these two categories.  

The price of the IIT Health Crystal Scalar Pendants is the second best on the list but in terms of value I believe that these crystal pendants are right up there.  Overall the IIT Health Scalar Pendants are a great buy for harmonised energy ans while they lack negative Ions they certainly have the BFIT infusion, quality of technology/ information and their warranty going for them. 

There are many different IIT Health Scalar pendants to choose from so I will show this chart to help you make a better decision on which to pick. 

Iyashi Scalar Pendants chart

Below is a brief overview of what The different Iyashi Scalar Pendants look and what their traits are:


Amethyst Iyashi scalar pendant


Amethyst IIT Health scalar pendants This has one of the highest vibrations in the crystal series and is great for meditating and lucid dreaming.

dumo Iyashi scalar pendant


This Crystal is for patience and understanding and can help give you guidance in tough life decisions that can help you grow and break current patterns that do not serve a positive purpose.

Gold Stone Iyashi scalar pendant

Gold Stone:

The stone of strength and courage this stone is used for positivity reinforcement.

Green Aventrine,best scalar energy pendants

Green Aventurine:

The Stone of Prosperity and Luck due to it’s green tinge, it helps bring luck, success and  opportunity into your life and reverses bad habits and patterns into good ones!

Howlite Iyashi scalar pendant


This stone is used for calmness and awareness. It helps reduce anxiety as well as stress and helps positivity overrule negative thoughts including emotions such as selfishness, rudeness and greed.

Jasper Iyashi scalar pendants

Kiwi, Poppy and Red Jasper:

This is known as the nurturing stone because of its soothing and gentle qualities which brings one to a state of Nirvana or peace.  It is a great stone to have when you feel disturbances in whatever you do

Lapis Lazuli Iyashi scalar pendants

Lapis Lazuli:

The stone of truth and wisdom that has been used by royalty from Ancient Egyptian to Biblical times. It amplifies your power into your thought process into your day to day life. It also helps in problem solving and create solutions to where problems lie.

Malachite Iyashi scalar pendants


This is a transformational stone that cleans the slate that has to do with emotional problems by absorbing negative energy. However be warned that malachite amplifies all energy which means you should only use it when you are in a positive mood.

Moss Agate Iyashi scalar pendants

Moss Agate:

Is a stone of abundance and growth by establishing strength and confidence as well as balance back into one’s life.

Purple Fluorite Iyashi scalar pendants

Purple Fluorite:

This is the crystal for clearing your mind of mental fog confusion and conflicting ideas. This stone helps bring clarity to situations that you may have not been able to see before. It helps you keep your mind focused, organized and clear.

Quartz Iyashi scalar pendants


Known as the healing crystal it is a common base of all the other crystals. This crystal amplifies energy and provides calmness and clarity.

Rhodonite Iyashi scalar pendants


The stone of emotional balance, it helps heal emotional scars and help you find self love and promote inner growth. This is a great stone to use to help ease anger anxiety and stress.

Rose Quartz Iyashi scalar pendants

Rose Quartz:

This is the stone of love which helps bring any individual live happiness romantic feelings and sensuality. This stone can be used to heal personal relationships on any level.

Tigers Eye Iyashi Scalar Pendants

Tigers Eye:

This is the crystal of self confidence and willpower, it supports personal stability and clarity and protects you from negative energy that may surround you.

Once you get your IIT Health Scalar Pendant Energy Crystal you can use it for a variety of different things including hanging it from the necklace it comes with or placing it on acupuncture points, use it while meditating, energise food and water by simply waving the Crystal over it to re energise it for more energy, you can even use it on your pets or even place it on their collar so that they get the benefits just like you would!

My Results:

I got my IIT Health Scalar Pendant in the mail and like the other IIT Health products I was impressed by the packaging. I decided to choose the Green Aventurine Crystal as I liked the fact that it promoted growth, success and opportunity. While I did not get rich immediately after wearing it I did notice that I had more energy to get through the day and any mental fog that I had previously had disappeared upon wearing the pendant. I also liked the fact that it was stylish and got a few compliments while walking at the beach! This pendant was definitely the looker in the IIT Health family and it did it’s job well!  At $39.83 It was a great buy at a good price, I definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants something stylish and useful at the same time!

Rating 7/10

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