The Best Alkaline Water Pitcher 2018

best alkaline water pitcher

If you quickly want to find out what the Best Alkaline Water Pitcher is then I would recommend the Cerra Water Alkaline Pitcher.

How Safe is Tap Water to drink?

The answer to this is, that it depends. Some area’s tap water is far less safe than others. Chances are if you live in a 1st world country the water is for the most part safe to drink, that does not mean however that there are no contaminants in your Tap Water. This is where Alkaline Water Pitchers come in.

Best Alkaline Water pitchers

Tap Water could contain any of the following:

  • Chlorine,
  • Heavy Metals
  • Pesticides  
  • Different forms of Pollution
  • Flouride
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • RadioActive Elements
  • Bromates

This is only part of what could be present within your tap water. It is a great idea to test your tap water yourself using a pH Strip. Anything under a neutral pH of 7 is considered Acidic. 

In this article we’ll be reviewing the following Alkaline Water Pitchers

  • Cerra Water Alkaline Pitchers
  • Alkaline Plus Well Blue
  • Draggon pH restore (Amazon)
  • Alkaline Water Pitcher (Amazon)
  • Lake Industries Alkaline Water Pitcher

What Features to look for in an Alkaline Water Pitcher

Getting an Alkaline Water Pitcher is one of the best and most affordable ways to receive high quality water that can make a difference in your life. Below is a guide on what factors you should look at when looking for the best alkaline water pitcher. 

The Cartridge

What will make or break a water pitcher is the performance of it’s cartridge and the ceramic or magnesium balls that are inside. A good water pitcher should at least meet the following criteria..

  • They successfully take out at least 90% of Contaminants
  • The Filter can Last at least 2 Months
  • Turn water to at least 7.5 PH (Preferably 8.5-9.5)
  • Features a good ORP  (Anti Oxidation) level (between -250 to – 400 )
  • The Company will show testing and actual results of those tests on how their filter changes the water PH

Each filter is made of different materials but the highest quality ones meet this criteria and go beyond that by including other benefits such as:

Takes out Harmful Contaminants

One of the main reasons why people buy Alkaline Water Pitchers is to get rid of potentially harmful contaminants in our tap water. These contaminants can include a variety of different things such as:

  • Chlorine,
  • Heavy Metals
  • Pesticides  
  • Different forms of Pollution
  • Flouride
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • RadioActive Elements
  • Bromates

Which in turn gets that metallic taste out of your tap water.

A Consistent pH Level

The pH level measures the acidity or alkalinity of water. Your body tends to function better when it has a degree of alkalinity of 7 or more pH. This is because your blood has a pH level of 7.3. 

(The Red is a Cerra Alkaline Filter and the Blue is regular Tap Water)

The pH level measure of a water pitcher will vary in performance over its lifetime. That is the PH level will not stay the exact same throughout its life time but will vary throughout its cycle of use. A good water filter will stay within a tenth or two of the pH levels that it promises. Alkaline water pitchers that are not as effective tend to drop in performance after a few weeks of use.

This is a good criteria when choosing a good pitcher because worse pitchers will not measure the filter based on it’s lifetime but rather the pH level after a few uses. Keep this in mind when selecting an appropriate alkaline pitcher

A Good ORP rating

(The Red is a Cerra Alkaline Filter and the Blue is regular Tap Water)

ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential is the measurement of what degree a substance is capable of oxidizing or reducing a particular agent. Oxidizing is the ability for an agent to lose electrons which are beneficial to your atoms.

Technology is surrounded by oxidizing agents which can remove electrons and create clustering of positive ions within your body which can lead to a variety of different health concerns that range in severity over time.

  • Positive ORP is an oxidizing agent that has a reading that is within the positive range. An example of a substance having a positive ORP is tap water.
  • Negative ORP is a Reduction or Anti-Oxidizing agent. A negative ORP is what you and your body want for it to function optimally. Antioxidant water has a range of different benefits such as:
    • Flushes Acidic toxins from cells
    • Supplies your body with essential minerals such as calcium, zinc and potassium
    • Contains smaller clusters of water that is more transferable to your body and is at least 3 times more effective than regular tap water
    • Absorbs minerals and nutrients more efficiently

The Pitcher

All of the benefits that the alkaline water filter can bring could all be for not if the water pitcher is not held to the same standard. You could potentially have the best alkaline water filter possible but if the water pitcher was not BPA/ BPS free then all the work the filter did would essentially be for nothing.  

BPA is a compound that is commonly found in plastics that have found traces of a chemical that mimics estrogen. This chemical has the potential to harm the human brain and reproductive cycle. Another chemical was produced as a substitute of BPA called BPS. BPS was used because it has less of the chemical in it. It turned out however that this was still causing harm as BPS disrupts the way the cell functions which could potentially lead to metabolic disorders and even cancer down the road

The Pitcher should also feature some kind of certifications. This is where Private Label brands such as Amazon brands fail. A water pitcher should have a safety tested logo. The most common would be the food storage symbol for plastics that features a glass and a fork or a knife and a for on it. As you can see from the below picture there are lots of chinese brands that do not feature these logos which means they could contain BPA or BPS.

The Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

What makes a good Alkaline Water Pitcher?

High quality alkaline water pitchers usually have these things in common.

  • They successfully take out at least 90% of contanaments
  • The Filter can Last at least 2 Months
  • Features a good level of antioxidation
  • Turn water to at least 7.5 PH (Preferably 8.5-9.5)
Water Pitcher pH Rating ORP Reduction Price Special Features Total Rating
best alkaline water pitcher Cerra Water Alkaline Pitchers 8.5- 9.5
5 Points
-150 to -500
5 points
89.95 USD
2 Points
-BFIT Infusion, -Hydrogen, -Micro-clustered Water -High Certification (BPA/ BPS Free, German TUV certification)
5 Points
best alkaline water pitchers Alkaline Plus Well Blue Up to 9.5
5 Points
-100 to -400
4 Points
49.95 USD
3 Points
-Features a Timer -High Certification (FDA Approved, Grade AS & ABS
4 Points
best alkaline water pitcher Draggon pH restore Does not Specify
0 Points
Does not Specify
0 Points
5 Points
-Micro Clustered -Grade AS and ABS Materials
3 Points
best alkaline water pitchers HoLife Alkaline Water Pitcher Does not Specify
0 Points
Does not Specify
0 Points
4 Points
-Timer -Grade AS and ABS Materials
3 Points
best alkaline water pitchers Lake Industries Alkaline Water Pitcher Does not Specify
0 Points
Does not Specify
0 Points
4 Points
-Grade AS and ABS
2 Points

#1 Cerra Water Alkaline Water Pitcher (8.5/10)

best alkaline water pitcher

Cerra goes above and beyond what is expected of an alkaline water pitcher. Not only does it remove toxins and adds antioxidants but it also uses micro Clustering, produces natural Hydrogen H2 and is infused with 18,000 + Beneficial Healing Frequencies. These processes help aid in Cellular Respiration and improved the overall health of your cells and overall well being over an extended period of time.

Cerra Water Alkaline Pitchers use a six step process

Step #1: Filtration

Water from that tap runs through a Cerra filter in which it simultaneously filters the water of chlorine, 

Cerra Alkaline Water Review

chloramines, heavy metals  as well as prevents bacterial growth. It does this by using high quality carbon, proprietary anti-bacterial and other CerraCeramic balls to filter these toxins out. This begins the process of Alkalinity

Step #2: Alkalinity

As water is run through the tap it is first put through the filtration process it adds naturally ionized magnesium, potassium, zinc as well as calcium to raise the pH to 85.-9.5 Alkalinity. These minerals help support your nervous system as well as your overall health and well being.

Step #3: AntiOxidants

The implementation of antioxidants combats unhealthy oxidants which in turn prevents free radical damage, slows down the aging process, helps reverse diseases, reduce pain and ease digestive issues. By restructuring the water Cerra gives off a low ORP (oxidative reduction potential giving the clustered water molecules an abundance of electrons which gives off a negative charge. This negative charge helps your cells function properly by giving off the proper amount of negative ions. The Cerra Water Alkaline pitcher creates between a -150 to -500 ORP which is as good as it gets from any anti-oxidant supplement.

Step #4: Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular Hydrogen helps combat oxidative stress which aids in fighting free radicals.

Step #5: Micro-clustered/ Hexagonal Waterbest alkaline water pitcher

This is one of the steps where Cerra Water goes above and beyond what other alkaline water pitchers do. Cerra restructures the water to create hexagonally shaped water clusters. These hexagonal water clusters are found in natural spring water and are able to be absorbed much more easily than other water compounds. This makes this type of water a much more efficient way of hydration over other types of water like had water and Britra.

Step #6: Energizing

Cerra uses BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) to remove negative unnatural substances from the water such as chlorination and anything man made. It does this by removing the negative memory of the water and reprogramming it with thousands of natural healing frequencies that can be found in natural spring water.

Reading all of this sounds all fine and dandy but in order to see how to works in real life you have to test it out! Thankfully I have done just that and have recorded my findings on Cerra Water Below.

In this Test I ended up using the Cerra Filter which is the exact same product that can be found in the filter. 

I followed the process that was laid out on the Cerra website and tested the water and I could see an immediate difference as I had more energy, my head was thinking clearly and my body felt hydrated.  I even tried it some of the water when I was hungover and it actually made me feel a lot better!

My Rating is 8.5/10 for the Cerra Alkaline Water Pitcher

UPDATE: Cerra has updated it’s page and has included a bunch of tests where stats are compared between tap water, Brita filters, electrical ionizers and more. 

>>Click to See The Tests<<

#2 WellBlue Alkaline Plus PH Ionizer Pitcher

best alkaline water pitchers

Another great water pitcher that I found out about is the WellBlue Alkaline Plus Water Pitcher. Usually this company sells Hydrogen Water Ionizers but have decided to venture into the water pitchers market.

Some of the things that stand out about the Alkaline Plus PH Ionizer pitcher is the fact that it sells pitcher that have and don’t have a timer. This timer calculates the correct time for you to change your filter so that you can have optimum filtration all the time. The only downside is that there is no warranty for the timer and if it is stored in a colder, or more moist area it can become defective

Some of the technology put  into the Alkaline Plus pH includes:

  • High pH ratings (of up to 9.5)
  • High ORP Reduction ratings of (-100 to -400 range)
  • Reduces consumption of heavy metals
  • Contains alkalizing minerals
  • Filter lasts between 150 and 200 Liters (70 gallons)
  • Water Flows through active carbon filters that remove chlorine, heavy metals, organic impurities, odor and other chemicals found within tap water

To get this water pitcher to work optimally there are a few guidelines you have to follow such as  

  • Filtering a quart or less at a time
  • Best when used frequently
  • Dry out the filter only if you will not be using it for a few days.
  • For multiple uses it is best to supply people with multiple filters or water pitchers

This alkaline pitcher gets high marks because it posts high marks in both the pH levels and ORP reduction ratings meaning it is a high quality filter. It’s price is also a bit more reasonable than say Cerra Water despite it posting close to similar numbers.

Where the Alkaline Plus pH lost marks was the fact that to get the best results you have to follow some specific guidelines such as using it to filter a quart or less at a time, has to be used every couple of hours for the filter to be at an optimum use. This is a kind of a lot of work that not everyone has time for in their day to day life. Cerra does not say anything about this so it is a lot more user friendly despite it’s price.

Having said this the verified buyer ratings are all mostly positive meaning that this product works well.

WellBlue Alkaline Plus PH Ionizer Pitcher gets an 8/10

#3 Amazon Brands (Dragonn, HoLife, Lake Industries)

best alkaline water pitchersbest alkaline water pitchersbest alkaline water pitcher


Amazon is a great place to buy things that you want and need however it is not great for everything. One of the first things you will notice is that these brands are a lot cheaper than the Cerra Water Pitcher and the WellBlue Alkaline Plus PH Ionizer Pitcher. This is because these brands are private labeled and most likely get their materials from China which is why they are not FDA and TUV Certified.

Another thing you will notice is the fact that while reviews are generally positive there’s a lot of variance between these brands in terms of pH and ORP Reduction Ratings which are the strongest indicators to having an effective Alkaline Water Pitcher.  You will notice that none of them actually state what these numbers are because of this variance. This is also because there is not as much testing that goes into these brands as Cerra Water Pitchers and Alkaline Water Plus Pitchers.

These brands also do now have as much knowledge about these types of products. Most of them (except Lake Industries) sell products that are all over the map and do not have designated websites on them to properly inform the customer like Cerra and Alkaline Water Plus does.

While these brands are less expensive and more affordable it is less certain what you will get. The good news is that if you bought any of these brands from Amazon that you will have a good return policy.

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