Iyashi Scalar Bracelet Review

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The Iyashi Scalar Energy Bracelets

A Personal Energy Protector that Fits on Your Wrist

The Iyashi Scalar Energy Bracelet is one of the most established scalar bracelets out there.  While most scalar bracelets promise to heal you and do the balance test this one actually delivers using data and facts. 

The iyashi Scalar Bracelet is made from tourmaline and crystalline which is infused with a special process called BFIT which infuses the Bracelet with a full spectrum of different energy frequencies. Some of the benefits of these frequencies are as follows:

  • Increased activity
  • Enhance Aura
  • Clears away energy impediment
  • Full body zero point field repair
  • Strengthens the Bio-field to an increased level
  • imporves and helps battle EMF damage
  • Overall rise in attentiveness and clarity

Here is a short video of the Iyashi Scalar Bracelet hooked up to a Ion Meter

These negative ions help offset and neutralise the positive ones that build up. A positive Ion build up leads to what they call Cross Linking which does not allow the cell and it’s atoms to perform properly because they do not have enough room or space to vibrate properly. When this happens it can lead to a variety of different symptoms from minor annoyances like headaches, joint pain, insomnia to much more serious diseases such as Cancers and Tumours if untreated.

The Positive Ion Build up occurs because we live in a positive ion generated environment. While technology has made our lives easier it has come at the price of plentiful positive ions. 

As a result many Scalar/ Negative Ion bracelets have come through and claimed they are the best but there can only be one. This is why I did a table on the best scalar bracelets

Scalar BraceletsNegative Ion Counts Ease of Use
Warranty Price Total Rating
Green Iyashi Scalar Bracelet

Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Bracelet
4600 Negative Ions
5 Points
-Very Clear Instructions
5 Points
– 30 Day Money Back
– Life Time Warranty
5 Points

3 Points

Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet
IIT Health Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet
2000 Negative Ions
3 Points
-Some Clear Instructions
3 Points
– 30 Day Money
-Lifetime Warranty
5 Points
4 Points
best scalar bracelets
Quantum Bracelets
1000 Negative Ions
2 Points
-Some Instructions
2 Points
– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
2 Points
4 Points

Ion Loop Negative Ion Bracelets
0 Points
-Some Information
3 Points
– 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
– 1 Year Warranty on Defects
2 Points
5 Points

Wave Protection Power Bracelet
0 Points
-Little Information
1 Point
– No Garuntee
0 Points
3 Points

As you can see by the table the Iyashi Bracelet reigns supreme in most categories including having the best negative ion count, Ease of use and money back guarantee/ warranty. I often find that most people overlook the last criteria and only find out about the return policy and warranty when it’s too late.  So what does the Life Time warranty and 30 day money back guarantee say about Iyashi? To me it shows that they have full confidence in their products. Some of the testimonials go as follows. 

When it first arrived, it did take a moment to engage me but then shortly after, I felt the benefits begin to work. And when some more time past I not only began to feel better, I found myself becoming a staunch supporter of the work you do there at Iyashi Source. I still am now. For my wonderful bracelet today, there seems to be a real difference for me now. I have MS and am very EMF/EMR sensitive. I even feel electricity sometimes come at me when I am close to outlets or need to use one to plug something into. Plus, I work primarily with computer systems most of the day. I tend to fall and trip a lot due to this condition. Including random numbness, temporary paralysis, and the feeling of sharp needles into my left hand and leg. Sometimes need to use a cane. Sometimes I do not but recently I fell and re-injured my left wrist where I wear it for a 4th time. Super painful and it is healing very slowly. When I got the bracelet in October I had wrist damage then too but it seemed to heal very fast. Plus I felt quite outstanding through most of the day.
Yusef Miles Fry
I have noticed a big difference since wearing the Iyashi bracelet, but even more so when I hold it in my hand where there are more nerve endings. I would recommend whenever you have the opportunity, to hold the bracelet in your hand, and I feel increased levels of alertness and you can sense the electrical connections in your body are faster as a result. Thanks
Eve Livaditis
Social Worker, 16 + Service (formerly Leaving Care Team)
I have never believed in this type of products before but one day my friend shared his Iyashi Bracelet with me because I had a large mosquito bite that was swollen up. After wearing the bracelet for an hour it was completely gone and I was in shock how well it worked. A few days later I had some deep tissue soreness in my elbow which usually lasts about a full day. Again I put the Iyashi bracelet over the affected area and within 45 minutes I pain free. The fact is this stuff works.
Mark B
Propane Associate

My Results

Before Receiving a Iyashi Scalar Bracelet I decided to do some research on the product to see what others had said. Looking at other review sites I saw a lot of praise so my curiosity was further sparked.

Having Reviewed the different colors I decided to choose green as I was looking for growth and a pursuit of new ideas.

Iyashi Scalar Bracelet Package

Upon receiving my green Iyashi Scalar Bracelet, I couldn’t help but notice the nice packaging it came in. The Iyashi Scalar Bracelet came in a jewelry case with the full Iyashi crest engraved on it. It also came with an authenticity card which was embedded with Negative Ions which in itself acts as it’s own scalar energy tool.

My first day wearing it I noticed that I had felt more energetic and clear headed, the pain in my wrist that I got from the gym a week ago had also subsided. Even when I was sitting by the computer all day I noticed that my head did not feel so crowded and that I was able to maintain a clear mind throughout the entire day.  This Bracelet definitely kept its promises made on the website and more!

Overall I was very Satisfied with the bracelet as it cleared any pain or discomfort I was feeling in my wrist and the fact that it helped clear my head and deter any potential headaches from arriving allowing me to stay productive in my day to day life

Final Score: 9/10

To find out more about an Iyashi bracelet Click Below

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