EMF’s and EMF Protection

EMF’s and EMF Protection
EMF Protection

EMF’s are something that we are exposed to every single day. Their acronym is Electro Magnetic Frequencies which are something we are exposed to from Cell Phones, TV’s, Computers just to name a few. They are invisible lines that are emitted by said electronics as well as other forces in our environment that can have long term health effects down the road. To be clear we have our own set of Electromagnetic frequencies that we are born with that correlate with the earth. Man Made Electro Magnetic Frequencies came about when we started powering out houses with electricity and soon appliances and many other appliances and devices that help aid our lives. Unfortunately these devices that help make our lives easier can have harmful side effects  to the way we function. Every wonder why when you go out into nature and the natural world you feel peaceful, relaxed and at ease? Thats because nature nurtures our EMF’s through it’s own Electro Magnetic field which helps recharge our bodies and help us feel at ease. When you replace nature with man made EMF’s that surround your house it replaces the natural EMF’s with man made ones which could have dire effect down the road such as stress which can diminish the flow of blood in major organs of your body like your heart or brain. It can also affect cells that metabolize and help maintain your immune system.


Grouping the 5 Levels of EMF Protection
These groups are based on the radius of EMF’s emitted per area.


Group One: Direct ContactEMF Protection
-Electrical Outlets
-Computer Mouse


Group Two: Two Inches
-Toaster Oven
-Hand Held Electronics (walkman, USB)
-Computer Screen
-Small battery operated devices


Group Three: up to a foot
-StoveEMF Protection
-Baby Monitors
-Clock Radios
-LED and LCD TV’s
-Hotwater Tanks


Group Four: 1-3 feet
-Wireless Routers
-Electric Blankets
-Cell Phones


Group Five: 3 Plus Feet (Worst)EMF Protection
-Microwave Ovens


EMF Protection

So now that you know what EMF’s are and what they can do how do you utilise EMF Protection? Fortunately you don’t have to rip all the electronics and appliances out of their sockets and subscribe to a nomadic way of life. There are Devices out there that can help aid in EMF Protection we will recommend some here:EMF Protection Shieldite Pyramid

Iyashi has a variety of different products that help aid in EMF Protection including their Shieldite EMF Protection product. CLICK HERE for our full review of Shieldite EMF Protection. A variety of other Iyashi Products such as their Iyashi Scalar Wands, Iyashi Scalar Bracelet and their Scalar Pendants have strong negative ionic outputs that measure over 4500 to help aid in repairing the damage that EMF’s have done.

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Life Energy Designs also has a Pendant called the Nu-Me Scalar Pendant that you can wear on you that balances your enerNu-Me Scalar Pendant Silver, EMF Protectiongy levels and protects from EMF damage that comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

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