The Best EMF Protection

What is EMF Protection and Why is it Important?

EMF Protection is what stands in the way of you and EMF Radiation. EMF Radiation comes from a variety of different electronic devices from household appliances to computers and televisions.  

So how does EMF Radiation effect our day to day lives? Well a variety of different people react to it in a variety of different ways and some people have more EMF sensitivity than others.  In fact 10% of the world population that is around modern day electronics has EMF Sensitivity of some sort. Some of the most common short term symptoms of EMF sensitivity include 

  • Headaches
  • Crawling Sensation in your skin
  • General Pain and Aches in your Muscles
  • Insomnia
  • Blurred Vision 
  • Sleep Disturbances

If your Bio field does not rebalance itself out it can lead to more serious diseases when you get more exposure to bad EMFs which can trigger…

  • Cancers (Including Leukaemia, Breast Cancer and Brain Tumours)
So how can you re-balance your Bio field? The most traditional way is by exposing yourself to “Good” EMF’s . Contrary to what you might hear not all EMF’s are bad. The Earth itself has it’s own set of EMF’s at a low magnetic field of 7-10Hz. This consequently is where our Magnetic field is set.  So the simple answer is to get away from technology and be around Nature.
While a select few are lucky enough to be able to do this everyday it is not a real reality for the vast majority of people as we live very busy lives. This is Where EMF Protection Products come in. 

The Best Personal EMF Protection Products

How do EMF Protection Products help us with EMF Radiation? When used properly EMF Protection Products help transmute the harmful EMF’s by removing the harmful positive ions and harmonising the bio field to allow it to stay at it’s natural state of 7-10 Hz.

Let me first clarify that there are a lot of EMF Protection products out there. Some do their job and provide ample EMF Protection while others fall short of the mark.

I have tested many EMF Products and have added my own personal criteria in determining if it is a good buy or not. 

There are Five different types of EMF Radiation that are present in our day to day lives.

Type 1EMF Protection
– Electrical Outlets
-Watch (Battery Operated)
-Computer Keyboard and mouse

Type 2
-hand held appliances
-small battery operated devices
-computer screen

Type 3
-Clock Radios (electric)
-Electric heaters
-LED and LCD TV’s 

Type 4
-Electric Blankets
-Flourescent Lights

Type 5
-Smart Phones that are transmitting


The Selection:

EMF Product EMF Coverage (Type 1-5) Ease of Use (Clear Instructions) Warranty (From Company) Starting Price (USD) Total Rating
Shieldite Iyashi Shieldite All 5
(5 Points)
Very Clear Instructions
(5 Points)
-30 Day Money back Guarantee -Lifetime Warranty
(4 Points)
(5 Points)
Earth Calm Sanctuary Band Type 1-3
(3 Points)
Clear with Instructions
(4 points)
-90 Day Money Back Garauntee -1 Year Warranty
(4 Points)
(1 Point)
Nu-Me Scalar Pendant CompactNu-Me Pendant Type 1-4
(4 Points)
Clear with Some Information
(3 Points)
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee
(3 Points)
(2 Points)
Vita Plex Pendant Type 1-2
(2 Points)
Clear with Some Information
(3 Points)
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee
(3 Points)
(3 Points)
Etheric Weaver Pendant Types 1-2
(2 Points)
Not Much information or Instructions
(2 Points)
-30 Day Money back Guarantee
(3 Points)
(2 Points)

#1 Iyashi Shieldite (9.5/10 Rating)


The Sheildite by Iyashi is by far the best EMF Protector I have used to date. Not only does it exceed in all the necessary categories but I have also had a fantastic customer experience with them as well. 

Shieltite is made from hollow carbon molecules which are called fullerenes. These fullerenes form clusters of 60- 70 molecules which makes them electrically conductive which in turn transmutes harmful EMF’s and absorbs harmful bi-products in your surrounding area.

What shieldite effectively does is it alters the harmful EMF waves in the surrounding area and transforms them to safe wavelengths that matches your body’s cellular frequency which is in turn matched to Schumann’s Resonance.

To start off with I found that their products covered all the necessary coverage of different types of EMF Damage (See Above). They did this in a clever way as well! It’s hard for almost any pendant to promise a full spectrum of coverage just because of the pure size.  Iyashi  made Shieldite come in a variety of sizes and forms, not just in pendant form. 

The biggest form of Shieldite comes in a full Brick size and offers a full EMF Protection Spectrum for the most hard hitting frequencies such as Microwaves and Wifi as well as Transmitting Cell Phones.  The smallest size is Cell Phone Protectors which goes on the back of the cell phone case and transmutes harmful EMF’s that come off your phone. 

Iyashi’s Customer service is very helpful and their instructions on their website are extremely clear and easy to follow. They recently categorised their Shieldite section of their website to help you better understand what type of EMF Protection you need from whatever kind of circumstance. 

While The Moneyback garuntee on Iyashi is pretty standard it flat out beats the competition when it comes to the Lifetime Warranty. The Lifetime Warranty States “if you feel their energetic subtle energy patterns become un-calibrated we will either re-infuse or replace the product for you free of charge.

The starting price for the pendants blows the competition out of the water with the starting price being $29.00 American. The most expensive shieldite product (The Brick) goes for $269.95. This is still a great price when you consider the amount of protection you get along with the amount of pure volume compared to the other products listed. 

In my personal use I used the pyramid by my desk and while the effect were not immediate (like all EMF Shielding Products) it did the job very well and the headaches I had subsided.

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#2 Earth Calm Sanctuary Band (6.5/10 Rating)

Earth Calm is a relatively established EMF Protection Brand that has been around for a few years and sells a waide array of different EMF Protection Products. While they do not specialise in personal EMF Protection like other companies they still have managed to put together a decent product.

While most of the reviewed items on this list are pendants Earth Calm decided to tackle it a different way by making it into a fabric bracelet. It does feature protection against Types 1-3 of EMF of protection and is easy to wear it with you anywhere you go. 

It’s instructions and how to use it are clearer than most EMF products that just expect you to wear it and know how to take care of the device. The website proudly displays what symptoms it’s customers report the Band cures after using it. They also have some instructions on how to use the band and a full detailed scientific report.

Where the Sanctuary Band shines is it’s 90 day money back guarantee and the fact that they feature a 1 year warranty on the product.  The 90 day money back guarantee is the best we have on this list and the 1 year warranty is bested only by Iyashi’s Shieldite.

Unfortunately where the Earth Calm least shines is it’s price. Priced Starting at $269 is pretty crazy if you think about what you actually get.  Earth Calm talk about it’s mirror resonance technology and it’s Sanctuary 2 technology but do not go into greater detail on the product page which is a bit disappointing. What it does have going for it is it’s customer testimonials. 

When I tried the Earth Calm Sanctuary Band I found that it did get rid of some of my headaches and I did find it did it’s job. At the same time though The Shieldite made me feel the exact same way at a fraction of the price. 

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#3 The Life Energy Designs Nu-Me Pendant (6/10 Rating)

Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Zing

The Nu-Me Pendant is one of the most recognisable EMF Protection Products out there with it’s Pendant that comes in many different styles. 

Where it shines is the fact that it offers protection for most of the different EMF types (1-4) which is usually ample enough for most protection. Where it won’t help you however is very high EMF concentrated areas such as Airplanes, near wifi and Microwaves. 

On the Life Energy Designs Website the Nu-Me Scalar Pendant there is not a a lot of information on the product page other than a video. From experience I know that the customer service is pretty good as they usually get back to you within 24 hours.  

The Nu-Me has a standard 30 day guarantee which is the baseline in terms of money back guarantees for EMF Products.  I always found the Nu-Me pretty pricey. Even though it does provide ample EMF Protection The Iyashi shieldite and bracelet combo turns out to be almost $30 cheaper with more Personal Protection available. Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Clip On

I tried the Nu-Me pendant a year ago and it was a quality pendant. It allowed to to have heightened concentration and provided a good level of productivity but the price was the biggest detriment of the product unfortunately. 

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#4 Safe Space VitaPlex Pendant (5.5/10 Rating)

The smallest Pendant in the group the VitaPlex Pendant is exactly what you would expect to receive for EMF Protection. It covers types 1-2 of EMF Protection giving you good coverage for smaller everyday electronics such as toasters, computer screens, keyboards etc. 

The description on the website does not go into a great amount of detail about the materials used which is a bit alarming. Something tells me this is one of this companies “side products”. 

The VitaPlex comes with a standard 30 day money back guarantee. It does not display this on the product page though which is also a bit alarming.  It’s price tag is a bit more on the reasonable side compared to the others but if you look at the weight and volume you actually get it is still over prices. Especially compared to Shieldite. 

I ended up ordering this product and trying it out for my day to day office use and really it was what I thought. There really was not a huge amount of difference even when I was working on the computer and wearing it for 8 hours.  Although really I should not of expected so much from a pendant of that size. 

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#5 Tools for Wellness Etheric Weave Pendant (4.5/10 Rating)

This was the least impressive product of the bunch. It went into hardly any detail about how it actually protects from EMF Protection, has a standard 30 day money back guarantee which is really on of the best things going for it and is way overpriced for what you get. for something where you are paying $219.00 It would be nice to get some details on how it works than a quick 200 word excerpt.

There are no reviews or testimonials associated with the product as well which is equally worrying. 

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How do EMF Protection Products work?

emf protection

The first question many people ask is “ Do EMF Protection products work? This is not as straightforward an answer as you may want but it ultimately depends on a few factors.

1. How trustworthy is the product?

You can tell a lot about how well an EMF product works based on the quality of information on its website. The less detailed information on how the product actually works the lesser the chance that the owner truly understands or even knows if the product can properly work. Cited sources are also a great way to establish authority on the subject matter

2. Are there lots of positive reviews?

A great way to understand just how well a product works is to see what product owners think of it.

3. What materials it is made of

Usually the most effective materials for shielding are shieldite, black tourmaline and orgonite. With shieldite (or shungite) being the most effective.

So How do EMF Protection Products work?

Depending on the material that they are made of each EMF protection product will behave differently from the other. The below materials behave a certain way when it comes to EMF protection:

Shieldite/ Shungite : is made of hollow carbon molecules which allows them to be electrically conductive to shield and absorb harmful bi products made by EMF’s. This is usually the most effective EMF Shielding material because it not only shields you but it also absorbs bad EMF’s and transforms them to wavelengths that your body is designed to run on.

Black Tourmaline: Mostly used to produce negative and positive ions for scalar healing. It does generate a weak electric charge that can charge up your body’s natural protective field. It is not so much an EMF shielding or absorber but more an independent charger for your body,

Orgonite: Made of resin using various metals oronite is in a constant state of activity which causes repulsion and attraction which gives off clean energy that can partially protect the body from EMF radiation.

The Size of the Product:

Let’s get one thing straight first. There is no single EMF pendant that will completely protect you from bigger (type 4 and 5) EMF emitters such as Fridges, laptops, dryers, wi-fi, electric blankets and Fluorescent Lights.  There are many companies out there that say they do but the reality is that pendants can only protect you against so much. Ever stop to think how a small pendant can stop EMF’s coming from environments that are surrounded by bad EMF’s such as an office in a busy city? Well they can’t.

How you you can protect yourself is by EMF Layering. That is having a pendant, bracelet and cellphone shield on you in these EMF heavy environments or by having a bigger device such as a block or a pyramid in your office at all times to shield and absorb you from the bad EMF frequencies. These can come from your computer, the fluorescent lights, the various electronic devices in and around the office as well as all the electrical wiring in the building. The bigger the shielding stone the more bad EMF’s it can shield and absorb against.

The Danger of EMF’s

As briefly mentioned above our bodies run in sync with the earth’s natural magnetic field that runs within the range of 7-10 hz. These are also known as natural EMF’s which is the same reason that you feel energized and recharged when you are in nature. As humans have become technologically more advanced we have brought about unnatural EMF’s which disturbs the ways our bodies are meant to run properly. These technologies run from 50 hz (Europe) to 60 hz (North America) and are way out of line of what our bodies are used to. To make matters worse this has only started happening in the last hundred years and we have not had the proper amount of time to adapt to these changes.

emf protectionEMF’s can be measured in units called gauss. Gauss levels that are natural to humans are under 3 milligauss. Anything above can have negative psychological effects for us. Do you remember your mom telling you not to stand too close to the  Microwave when you were younger? Well this was for good reason as microwaves, hydro meters, airplanes and Wi-Fi all use unnatural signals that can cause significant damage to you if you are close enough.

EMF’s can be measured onto a scale of 1- 5 with 5 being the worst exposure to BAD emfs. The scale represents how powerful and dangerous these electromagnetic devices are and how far away you have to be to get the 3 mili Gauss reading

Group 5  

3 + feet

-Microwave ovens 
-Microwave towers
-Smart hydro meters
-Electric Water Ionizer

Group 4  

1-3 feet

– Fridge
-Wireless routers
-Electric blankets
-Cell phones
-Other Electric water ionizer
-Laptop computers 
-Cordless phone
-Clothes dryers
-Circuit breakers
-Florescent lights

Group 3 

1 foot

-Baby monitors
-Electric clock radios 
-Desktop computers
-LCD or LED Tvs
-Electric heaters 
-Hot water tanks
-Other corded electric appliances

Group 2  

A few inches

-Toaster oven
-Other hand held -electric appliances
-small battery operated devices 
-computer screen

Group 1

direct contact
(best case)

-Electric outlets – not plugged in
-Battery operated watch
-computer mice and keyboards

emf protection

Our magnetic fields operate at a much lower frequency than these appliances.When disrupted our cells cannot rebalance and go into cellular regeneration, they start functioning improperly. As a result our bodies can be easily disrupted and can cause us to get symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, sleep apnea and put you in a more negative mood then if you were in a more natural environment.

Different people have different sensitivities. I know in my case if I am in a closed in space with lots of electronics (such as London Drugs closed off Computer department)  that has 1980’s fluorescent lights beaming down on me I start getting headaches and have to immediately return home and go to sleep to feel normal again. For other people it is a more subtle difference. It just depends on out tolerances.