The Best Scalar Bracelets

What Are Scalar Bracelets?


And Why Do You Need them? 

Scalar Bracelets are Bracelets that are made from tourmaline and crystalline which are infused with BFIT Frequencies to allow a full spectrum for different kinds of energy frequencies. Some of the following benefits you get from wearing these bracelets are the following: Increased Activity, Enhancement of Aura, Clears Energy Impediment, Full body zero point energy field repair, Strengthens Bio-field to an increased level, combats EMF Damage and an overall rise in attentiveness and clarity. While not all Scalar Bracelets are created equal so far I have found only one which is truly effective in all these fields.

How does a Scalar Bracelet Heal Me?

Scalar Bracelets unlike wands stay with you all day providing your body with the beneficial vibrational frequencies that our bodies need.  Vibrational Frequencies are healthy performing atoms that help our Cells perform properly in our day to day lives. They help provide energy circulation throughout your body. Vibrational Frequencies are made possible by Negative Ions.  Negative Ions help the Atom Perform properly and prevent cross linking that happens with positive ions. 

Too many Positive Ions turn into clusters of cells linking (cross linking) and as a result your body does not function properly.  Some side effects from cross linking can be lack of energy, headaches, insomnia, pain in your joints, stiffness and soreness in certain areas of your body. If Cross linking is not dealt with it can lead to much more sever diseases such as a whole range of different Cancers and Tumours that can start spreading throughout your body. 

More reasons to use Scalar Energy 

  • Helps Clear Energy Blockages
  • Increases muscular endurance
  • Helps aid with energy circulation within your body
  • Calms mental State, Harmonizes body
  • Clears Negative energy you may be experiencing (both from yourself and other people)
  • Slows down the aging process when used consistently 
  • Increases Productivity and Creativity in your brain
  • Provides some EMF Protection (See this Article)
  • Reduces the experience of jet lag which aids in recovery
  • Promotes Positivity around one’s self which can be contagious to other people
  • Reduces the effects of fatigue and drowsiness
  • Increases Recovery Rate after exercise
  • Beneficial for both Plants and Animals including pets, houseplants
  • Extends and enhances the shelf life and flavor of fruits and vegetables!

There are a good amount of Scalar bracelets and Negative Ion bracelets out there but not all are created equal. You can usually see how informed a company is about it’s products when it mentions how many negative ions it produces. I have only found a few products that have it listed and as a result of that they also have the most information on their products.  Another factor to look at is is their warranty. If they provide a good warranty and at least a 30 day money back guarantee you know that the company has confidence in it’s products and that the customer satisfaction is high.  

The Best Scalar Bracelets

The selection of the Best Scalar Bracelets came down to 5 Criteria. We Reviewed the most popular Scalar Bracelets for comparison sake.

The First: Negative Ion Counts
A Scalar bracelet or product for that matter is only as successful as it’s Negative Ion Counts. More Negative Ions means more pairing to eliminate free radicals or positive ions that make you feel unwell. Too much Cross Linking of Positive Ions lead to problems in your DNA and can lead to illnesses as extreme as cancer down the road.

The Second: Ease of Use
How easy is it use and are the instructions clear? This is often an overlooked criteria but I believe it is just as important as the Others. If you are not explained how to use it,, it just doesn’t work!

The Third: Warranty
If the Company stands by their product and it actually works chances are they will have a good warranty associated with their product. Good warranties mean confidence in their products.

The Fourth: Price
What are you really paying for? there are countless companies who jack up their price to make a quick buck on products that are less than effective. The last thing you want is a over price product that fails expectations

The Fifth: Total Rating
Or the combined rating. Even though the rating is technically rated out of 20 we round down to 10 for simplicity sake.

Scalar BraceletsNegative Ion Counts Ease of Use
Warranty Price Total Rating
Green Iyashi Scalar Bracelet

Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Bracelet
4600 Negative Ions
5 Points
-Very Clear Instructions
5 Points
– 30 Day Money Back
– Life Time Warranty
5 Points
3 Points
Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet
IIT Health Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet
2000 Negative Ions
3 Points
-Some Clear Instructions
3 Points
– 30 Day Money
-Lifetime Warranty
5 Points
4 Points
best scalar bracelets
Quantum Bracelets
1000 Negative Ions
2 Points
-Some Instructions
2 Points
– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
2 Points
4 Points

Ion Loop Negative Ion Bracelets
0 Points
-Some Information
3 Points
– 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
– 1 Year Warranty on Defects
2 Points
5 Points

Wave Protection Power Bracelet
0 Points
-Little Information
1 Point
– No Garuntee
0 Points
3 Points

#1 Iyashi Scalar Negative Ion Bracelet

The Iyashi Scalar Negative Ion Bracelet is the biggest producer of negative ions per minute. These negative ions are what make or break scalar bracelets and how effective they are.  The more negative ions produced per minute the more effective the bracelet is. It can even be paired with a shieldite Pendant to give you sufficient personal EMF Protection.  

There is lots of readily available information on how the Iyashi Bracelet works and as well as how to use it. Inside the Iyashi Bracelet package you will find a nice case, negative Ion card that produces over 2,000 negative ions along with ample instructions. Iyashi has a standard 30 day money back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty which is virtually unheard of in the alternative healing industry. 

Where the Iyashi Bracelet lost points was it’s price however I do think it is justified. The Iyashi Bracelet has almost 2 X as much negative Ions as any of the other Scalar bracelets along with coming with an ion card that gives off almost as much negative ions as the next best bracelet! 

Personal Experience:
I choose green for it’s sense of growth and the pursuit of new ideas. Upon the first day I almost instantly noticed that I was more energetic and pain that I had felt specifically around EMF producing devices has disappeared.

I felt more clear headed than the previous day and felt more energetic allowing me to get more work done.  I even had received a mosquito bite that I had gotten the previous day that had subsided since attaching the bracelet. Overall I was surprised by how effective the bracelet was and you could tell that the negative ions were neutralising the positive ones. 

My Rating: 9/10

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#2 IIT Health Bio Magnetic Bracelet

Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet

The Bio Magnetic Bracelet is certainly no slouch in terms of negative Ions produced per minute at 2,000, it also is made with a combination of neodymium magnets, germanium, tourmaline that makes the negative ion production possible. 

While there is some instructions and a bit of detail about this bracelet they are mostly testimonials. Upon ordering it however I found that the Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet is was too big for my wrist. Thanks to the resizing tool and the instructions however, I was able to resize it to fit snugly on my wrist. 

One of the best things about this bracelet is the fact that it has a lifetime warranty as well as the standard 30 day money back guarantee. Lifetime Warranties are usually a great way  of a company having confidence in it’s product.  Another thing this bracelet had going for it was it’s inexpensive price tag.  I personally however, would rather pay a higher price to get more negative ions. More negative ions means more effectiveness. 

The colours that this product comes in are gold, silver and black.

I tried the gold bracelet and felt more clarity after using it including less mental fog and pain from tension migraines. It did not however, give me that same energetic/ rejuvenated feel that the Iyashi Scalar Bracelet provided. This could of been the combination of less negative ions and the fact that it is not BFIT Infused. 

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#3 Quantum Bracelets

best scalar bracelets

Perhaps the most famous Scalar bracelets there are. You have probably seen them in infomercials and TV commercials/ So how do they stack up against other Scalar negative ion bracelets? The quick answer? Pretty average.

For one these Quantum Bracelets produce an average negative ion count of 1,000. It’s not the worst but considering a Scalar card produces double the negative ions of this bracelet I think they could of put a bit more effort into their product.  

The Quantim Bracelets product some basic information on what negative ions do but they do not explain theri technology as well as Iyashi or even IIT Health for that matter.  Also Quantum bracelets are from a Multi Level Marketing Company and with a simple google search can be found with the name mlm right next to them. Hmmmm

The Price is probably the best thing about these particular bracelets but really, for the same price you can get double negative ions from the IIT Health Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet as well as better instructions on how the technology works. 

# 4 Ion Loop Negative Ion Bracelets

The Ion Loop Negative Ion bracelets are one of the bigger players in the game. Unfortunately they did not actually state how many negative ions their bracelets produce which makes me wonder how effective these bracelets actually are. 

The good news however is that Ion Loop does produce some information about Negative ions but not enough about how many are actually in their product. I can’t imagine there would be too many considering the only negative ion conducting material is the metal part while 3/4’s of the bracelet is made of leather. 

Ion Loop does have the 3rd best warranty on their products as the 1 year is better than none. It’s 15 day warranty is 15 days short of the standard 30 though which is a bit worrying.  Where this bracelet does succeed however, is it’s price. It has the best price out of all of the scalar bracelets but really for $10.00 more you can have a count of 2,000 instead of an unknown but probably small number. 

#5 Wave Protection Power Bracelet

This is not going to take long… There is hardly any information on their page! Just some info articles on scalar energy. When you go to their product it just goes to a product photo with a shopping cart.. It also has the 2nd highest price. 2nd highest price for very generic information is not a good combination. 

The Selection Process

You will notice in my tables that I frequently List Negative Ions and BFIT Infusion as criteria. This is because these are some of the most important elements to making Scalar Energy and Zero Point Technology work. It is also what makes the difference between a good product and a not so good one. 

Negative Ions:

The job of Negative Ions is to neautralize free radicals. Free Radicals exist when there is unrest in the atom due to too many Positive Ions existing within. If there are too many Positive Ions it creates cross linking which can lead to various different symptoms or effect your DNA which can in turn cause illnesses as bad as cancer. Read more here

BFIT or (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology):

is used to target a highly specific range of frequencies that very few other Scalar Products can solve. When targeting these highly Specific frequencies it infused beneficial vibrations which cleans and rejuvenates the bodies energy field. This promotes clean health and allows you to live your day to day life without pain.