Shieldite Review

What is Shieldite?


Shieldite is a product sold by Iyashi Source and IIT Health. It helps protect against EMF’s  (Electro Magnetic Frequencies).

Electro Magnetic Frequencies are Fields of energy that surround us and the Planet Earth, we are born with a set of natural EMF’s (the good kind) that help ground us to planet earth and it’s electromagnetic field.

Have you ever wondered why when you are out hiking in a forest, kayaking or next to a waterfall you feel tranquil and calm?  On the contrary when you are at work with vast amounts of computer screens around you, your ability to concentrate lowers over time?

You feel fatigued and tired and you may develop other symptoms such as headaches, insomnia? That is because Your natural electromagnetic field is being invaded by unhealthy man made EMF’s that are emitted through electronics such as cellphones, microwaves, TV’s, computers and just about any other electronic appliances you have ever used. Other short term symptoms we develop when around man made EMF Producing devices include:

EMF Protection


  • Headaches
  • Crawling Sensation in your skin
  • General Pain and Aches in your Muscles
  • Insomnia
  • Blurred Vision 
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Plus More

If your body does not rebalance and is exposed to the same bad EMF’s day after day more serious symptoms appear such as

  • Cancers (Including Leukaemia, Brain Tumours, Breast Cancer ect)

So we have talked about the problem of EMF’s but what is the solution? Iyashi Source and IIT Health have claimed that they have the best EMF Protection Available in a product they developed called Shieldite. Now that is a pretty big claim considering all the EMF Protection products out there so naturally I had to test it to see what all the fuss was about. Before I did I created a chart of all the most popular EMF Protection Products out there.

EMF ProductEMF Coverage
(Type 1-5)
Ease of Use

(Clear Instructions)
(From Company)
Starting Price (USD)Total Rating
Iyashi Source- Sheildite
All 5

(5 Points)
Very Clear

(5 Points)
-30 Day Money back Guarantee
-Lifetime Warranty

(4 Points)

(5 Points)
Earth Calm Sanctuary BandType 1-3

(3 Points)
Clear with

(4 points)
-90 Day Money Back Garauntee
-1 Year Warranty

(4 Points)

(1 Point)
Nu-Me Scalar Pendant CompactNu-Me PendantType 1-4

(4 Points)
Clear with
Some Information

(3 Points)
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee

(3 Points)

(2 Points)

Vita Plex Pendant
Type 1-2

(2 Points)
Clear with Some Information

(3 Points)
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee

(3 Points)

(3 Points)

Etheric Weaver Pendant
Types 1-2

(2 Points)
Not Much information or Instructions

(2 Points)
-30 Day Money back Guarantee

(3 Points)

(2 Points)

From the table you can see that Shieldite has an almost perfect score of 9.5/10.  This is because the range of different types of shieldite products compliment the EMF Types. The amount of EMF protection you need is dependant on what you need to be protected from. Here is a example chart below.


Another criteria where the Iyashi Shieldite did well in is Ease of use (Instructions). This is usually a good indicator as to how well a company knows it’s product it’s selling. In Iyashi’s case.. Pretty darn well! In fact there are a few informal videos and over 9,000 words on the article explaining to an exact science how Shieldite works and how it protects.

It’s 30 day money back is pretty standard in the EMF industry but what really stands out is it’s Life Time Warranty against Defects. Meaning if the device is not working through no fault of your own you can get a new one sent to you. This is another big factor I look at when comparing trustworthiness of different EMF companies. Lastly Shieldite took a big win with price. It’s starting price is 29.99 for the Pendant alone. If you look at the other EMF products the next best price is at $144.00!!

How Shieldite Works


Shieldite helps gather up man made EMF’s and keeps them to become a harmless state to prevent them from damaging your cells and the negative side effects associated with them as well as promote clean Natural calming EMF’s into your body. Shieldite has a unique molecular structure that allows it to transfer these harmful man made EMF’s into the good natural ones by use of its clusters of carbon molecules that act as a capsule. Within these capsules it stores the man made (bad) energy allowing clean natural EMF’s to flow throughout your body.  All you need is a single piece of Shieldite to absorb the bad EMF’s from the surrounding area, kind of like when a drop of ink goes into water.

All of the Shieldite products need to be grounded to be able to work efficiently. You can do this by placing it on the ground/ Earth for 15- 40 minutes depending on the size of the Shieldite purchased. You can also also do this by getting a grounding plug from IIT Health and keep it discharged for 24/7. You must discharge or ground it before you use it otherwise it will not work as well!


"Being a skeptic I’m not easily impressed with claims made about products. I have to use a product before I tell anyone about it. After using the shieldlite cube and Cerra water filter pitcher I can’t say enough about them. One cube is in the bedroom. Immediately both my husband and I noticed our sleep was more restful and we didn’t wake as often during the night. I went from waking at least twice a night to sleeping without waking. Drinking water has always been a struggle for me. I didn’t like to drink a lot of water. Now I easily drink 64 or more ounces of water per day. Even my family has commented one the different in the water. My favorite product is the Iyashi wand. My work as an energy healer involves magnets. With the want I don’t actually touch my client, but use it about inch from their body. Many clients tell me they can feel the difference in their session. After muscle testing several brands of wands the Iyashi tested the highest. "
Glenda Cunning
G'day, I recently received your bracelet and shieldite pendant, and was astounded at the results! thank you so much. They have greatly changed my quality of life. I have nerve damage to my lumbar spine. My nervous system is in a painful hypersensitive state which has caused many complications including electromagnetic hypersensitivity. I needed to wear RF reducing clothing 24/7 as well as sleep in my basement and limit exposure to much of modern life. Otherwise muscle pain, headaches, nausea, confusion and memory loss would leave me incapacitated. When i wear your products there is a massive reduction in all these symptoms."
Tristan B
I bought Iyashi bracelet and Shildite necklace and I noticed a big difference in my health. I know that the effect is permanent as long as I ground Shildite every day. I get severe anxiety and depression from EMF. And your product gave me such a relief.. Thank you !
Airi E

Types of Shieldite

Shieldite Cell Phone

Cell Phone Protectors
This Shieldite is designed to stick directly onto your cell phone or it’s case. It is small and discreet but it provides strong EMF Protection directly around it (2-3 feet) and provides protection for types 1,2 and 4 of EMF Damage.

This device is used specifically for your cellphone to absorb bad EMF waves that flow into your head and brain when answering the phone. This cell phone protector comes in a cube or a rectangle

Shieldite Pendant

These pendants can be worn throughout the day and can be used to fully protect one person from EMF damage. The provide protection of about 4-6 feet and protect you from types 1,2,3 and 4 EMF damage. These pendants come in a variety of styles from Ovals, Circle in a circle, Obelisk, natural cut, triangle, inverted triangle as well as a hoop design.


Pyramids, Cubes & Stones

These larger Shieldite pieces are meant to protect small to large areas (depending on what size you have) from electromagnetic radiation.

You simply place the piece in a room that has a lot of electromagnetic radiation such as in the kitchen or computer room and you are protected from bad EMF’s.

These pieces protect not just yourself but other people in the area from bad EMF’s. These pieces come in different sizes from 4×4 to 8X8 pieces and come in a pyramid or cube shape. The 4X4 Shieldite pieces are good for smaller rooms such as an office or to be placed beside you. The larger 8X8 Shieldite pieces allow for 10 foot EMF Radiation protection and is meant for bigger rooms such as the Kitchen or Living room.

My Results


After taking the time to see which Shieldite Product would best suit my needs I decided to get the 4X4 pyramid for the office due to the fact that it could protect me from all 5 types of EMF damages and has a radius of 6-8 feet which was perfect for the office. Upon receiving it I followed the instructions of grounding it (putting it on the earth in my backyard) for 15 minutes.

I have read it has to be grounded for it to absorb earth’s natural energies and drain out the bad EMF’s from it’s journey to my house. After I grounded it for 15 minutes I put it next to my desk.

I was expecting it to give me instant relief from my head aches and general lack of energy, however it did not occur instantly. I emailed Iyashi about this quarry and One of the associates explained to me that unlike other Iyashi products such as the wand or healing bracelet which repairs EMF damage and gives you almost instant relief the Shieldite Pyramid simply blocks out the EMF’s over time.

So I gave the pyramid some time and followed the recommended grounding schedule (every 48 hours ground for 15 minutes) and over time I did start to feel more clear headed and focused. Following a proper eating routine and the use of the pyramid really has helped my productivity at my computer desk as I can stay clear headed and get more work done!

The information Iyashi provided me on top of all this was also beneficial to my understanding of how this product worked. My only query is that sometimes you forget to ground it so for this reason I bought a grounding plug and have it plugged in so that it is properly discharged throughout the day!

After 2 months time of testing this product I would give it a rating of 9.5/10,

it only loses a point because of the process of grounding it but that was solved through buying the grounding plug to keep it discharged.

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