The Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant Review

The Full Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant Review

What is the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy pendant and What does it Do? 

The Negative Ion Scalar Pendant by Iyashi is a pendant that helps uplift your mood and general well being around bad energies such as positive ions and Medium Electro-Magnetic Frequencies. These Positive Ions and EMF’s are created by technology that surrounds our day to day lives from Cell phones all the way to Microwaves, computers, kitchen appliances and everything in between.

While this may not sound like much Positive Ions can effect things such as :

  • Mood
  • Physcial Health
  • Mental Health

and can lead to symptoms such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood Swings
  • Joint Pan
  • Headaches 

Just to name a few. If untreated too many positive ions creates cross linking which is when cells start sticking together and limit their healthy vibrations creating many of these problems.  When untreated for a long period of time Cross linking can lead to symptoms such as wide variety of Cancers and Tumours within the affected area. 

The Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant is one of Iyashi’s newest products that was just released a year ago. Along with many of it’s products it features BFIT’s which is Bio Metric Frequency Infusion Technology, the frequencies helps balance your bio-field which in turn helps you with your overall feeling of well being.

Upon reading up on it I also discovered that like it’s wands it boasts over 18,000 beneficial subtle energy frequencies! It also boasts over 4000 negative ions generated per minute as well as gives off far infrared energy as well as Scalar and Zero Point energy frequencies! So how does in compare against the best Scalar Pendants? 

Scalar BraceletsNegative Ion Counts Ease of Use
Warranty Price (USD)Total Rating
best scalar Pendants
Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Pendant
4600 Negative Ions
5 Points
-Very Clear Instructions
5 Points
– 30 Day Money Back
– Life Time Warranty
5 Points
2 Points

Green Aventrine,best scalar energy pendants
IIT Health Scalar Crystal Pendants
No Negative Ions
0 Points
-Very Clear Instructions
5 Points
– 30 Day Money
-Lifetime Warranty
5 Points
4 Points
best scalar pendants
Quantum Science Pendant
3,600 Negative Ions
4 Points
-Good Amount of Information
4 Points
– Not Specified
0 Points
3 Points
Labradorite scalar crystal jewellery,best scalar energy pendants
Scalar Crystal Jewellery
No Negative Ions
0 Points
-Some Information
3 Points
– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
3 Points
Starts at $19.99
5 Points
Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Silver, Scalar Energy products,best scalar energy pendants
Nu-Me Scalar Pendant
1000 Negative Ions
2 Points
-Some Instructions
(lots of videos)
3 Points
– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
3 Points
Starts at $199.00
1 Point

As you can see from the table the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant had the highest Negative Ion count at about 4,600 negative ions.  These negative ions are the force behind it’s healing properties. The negative ions are what makes you feel recharged and energised because they are essentially balancing your cells out. 

The instructions on the Iyashi negative ion pendant were also very informative and clear. Even on their main webpage they have almost 10,000 words of information on how the pendants work, the varieties available and most importantly how the technology works.  Many companies will just skim this section and causually mention negative ions but do not fully explain how the product works. Iyashi does this better than any of the competition.

Their 30 day money back guarantee is pretty standard in the industry but what really sets them apart is their Life Time Warranty against Defects.  This is an almost unheard of thing in the alternative health industry. While this Pendant was the second most expensive and got points docked for that, I feel it still is the best for the money. just for the negative ion count and the Life Time Defects Warranty. 

Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant Testimonials

Thank you very much for replying so quickly, my head ache is gone now, left the pendant on through the night and actually feel pretty awesome today. Very happy I found your website, it's good to know there are people out there trying to help the rest of us repair ourselves in such a unique way. Keep up the good work. 😀
David Michael
I love my pendant, it works great for clearing negative energies, and now I am moving into my new home next week thanks to the help of this wonderful pendant, and I am kind of new to this type of technology, but I think it is awesome, keep it up guys.
Jeremy Weaver
When I wear the Iyashi Pendant I notice that it protects me from negative projections of other people. I feel encased in a positive energy field. The first time I wore I was dreading this meeting this very confrontational person. The meeting went great and the person actually apologized to me! After a while I felt the pendant was not working like it did in the beginning but when I followed the instructions on grounding, it was as good as new. Since wearing the pendant for months now I noticed that my life is getting easier and my relationship have improved.
Heide S



Some More Benefits of the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant:

  • Bolsters Biofield
  • Advanced Energetic Healing
  • Clears Blocked Energy
  • Buffers and Protects against EMF Damage (medium EMF Coverage)
  • Repairs and Strengthens Zero Point Field
  • Increases your Aura
  • Balances the Chakras

Naturally I drew conclusions to Life Energy Design’s Nu-Me Pendant and how it might compare. I will do a comparison article in the near future but for now back to the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant.

Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant

What is the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant made of?

To make all of the above possible it is made of concentrated ceramics produced by Iyashi enclosed in a metal case. These ceramics are made of heated tourmaline and other healing crystals (some from the crystal series) which are heated to about 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and then cooled, this process is repeated over several times. This process helps produces over 4000 negative ions per minute as well as allows for Far Infrared Energy to happen due to the heating of the multiple crystals inside the ceramics!

Chakras Scalar crystal energy. Scalar Pendants, Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy PendantWhat can I use the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant for?

  • As a necklace: Simply place it around your neck and wear it daily to help balance your energy along with the above mentioned benefits. For maximum benefits you can place it over your heart as that is the epicentre of the body and is the reason for being.
  • You can also place it on acupuncture points, energy meridians or even your main Chakra points! (see diagram) When you do this your energy balances quicker and more efficiently
  • Place it on your food! Yes you read that correctly, lots of foods such as fruits and vegetables start going rotten due to oxidation. However the oxidation process can be slowed down by the negative ions that this pendant produces which allows your fruits and vegetables to be re-energised, last longer and taste fresher.
  • You can use it on your beloved pets! If you have smaller animals like hamsters, gerbils or mice you can place the pendant on top of or next to their cage. If you have bigger animals such as cats or dogs you can simply place it at their resting area or even clip it onto their collar 24/7!

My Review


Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy PendantI ordered my Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant directly from their website, I found that the price was very reasonable at a cool $66.45 CAD. Upon receiving it I noticed that similar to their Scalar Wands and Bracelets it came in a little black jewellery box.

When opened, the box contained a user and FAQ guide, the pendant along with a necklace and an Authenticity card which can also be used as a negative ion card that you can carry around you! I decided to try it out while working out. A lot of the times before lifting weights I often feel tired and a bit disinterested but I decided to change that by forcing myself to head to the gym and wear this pendant to see how if I could notice any differences.

Upon putting it on I noticed that I felt more focused energetic and balanced, almost clear headed if you will. This was a great change to how I normally am which is tired, and sleepy.

I first tried it on bench press and upon doing doing practice repetitions I noticed more focus and energy and felt a lot more balanced lying on the bench. As I go to my normal sets I actually was able to lift heavier than I ever had at 160 lbs doing 5 sets of 5 repetitions. Onto the next exercise which was squats. Usually I can go down full depth but get a bit unbalanced on my way up but yet again this pendant gave me the balance I needed to do correct form and even do more weight than I ever had been able to at 120 lbs 5 sets of 5 repetitions.

Last exercise was rows which is when you are bent over and left the bar towards your chest. This exercise requires a bit of balance but with the pendant the exercise went by like a breeze, I felt perfectly balanced has energy to push through and even increased my weight by 10 lbs!

I also tried it out for work and similar to working out it allowed me to keep focus and with it`s negative ions balancing my energy along with with it`s medium EMF Protection I did not wear down as I was doing more work. My day with the pendant was extremely productive in both a working and active lifestyle. For the price of $66.46 CAD it was well worth the buy!

Rating: 8.5/10

To buy or find out more about the Iyashi Negative Ion Scalar Energy Pendant click Below:

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