Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet Review

IIT Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet Review IIT Health has just released a new line of magnetic Bracelets called the Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet. It is made of 4 different therapeutic inserts that include Neodymium Magnets, Tourmaline, Germanium and Negative Ion inserts. Each insert has specific benefits but when worn together helps balance your body’s energetic … Read moreBio Magnetic Energy Bracelet Review

Negative Ions and Scalar Energy Healing

Negative Ions, Positive Ions and Scalar Energy Healing What are Negative Ions and how does it relate to the Scalar Energy Healing Process? Negative Ions can be found everywhere, they are in the air we breathe, food we eat, and water we drink. Their functions are to neutralise free radicals which are groups of atoms … Read moreNegative Ions and Scalar Energy Healing

EMF’s and EMF Protection

EMF’s and EMF Protection EMF’s are something that we are exposed to every single day. Their acronym is Electro Magnetic Frequencies which are something we are exposed to from Cell Phones, TV’s, Computers just to name a few. They are invisible lines that are emitted by said electronics as well as other forces in our … Read moreEMF’s and EMF Protection

Iyashi Scalar Bracelet Review

The Iyashi Scalar Energy Bracelets A Personal Energy Protector that Fits on Your Wrist The Iyashi Scalar Energy Bracelet is one of the most established scalar bracelets out there.  While most scalar bracelets promise to heal you and do the balance test this one actually delivers using data and facts.  The iyashi Scalar Bracelet is … Read moreIyashi Scalar Bracelet Review