Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone Review

  One of Iyashi’s new products that they have just released is the Iyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone. This product is said by Iyashi to be used for cooking, hot rock therapy, as well as balancing the chakras and improving your day to day alertness. Here are some instructions on how it does the … Read moreIyashi Zero Point Energy Chakra Stone Review

Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet Review

IIT Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet Review IIT Health has just released a new line of magnetic Bracelets called the Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet. It is made of 4 different therapeutic inserts that include Neodymium Magnets, Tourmaline, Germanium and Negative Ion inserts. Each insert has specific benefits but when worn together helps balance your body’s energetic … Read moreBio Magnetic Energy Bracelet Review

What Can I Use For Back Pain Relief?

What to Use For Back Pain Relief? Back pain is a symptom that many people suffer with and as a result turn to unhealthy pharmaceutical drugs to relieve it. However the power of Healing Crystals coupled with Far Infrared Heat technology can help aid as a back pain relief solution! There are many different reasons … Read moreWhat Can I Use For Back Pain Relief?

Healthy Line Specialty Mats Review

Healthy Line Specialty Mats by IIT Health Review I did not know until now that IIT Health actually carried Healthy Line Specialty Mats for specific parts of the body. These Specialty Mats use the same technology as the other Healthy Line Mats using Far Infrared Heat and specific crystals to allow for increased repair and … Read moreHealthy Line Specialty Mats Review

Shieldite Review

What is Shieldite? Shieldite is a product sold by Iyashi Source and IIT Health. It helps protect against EMF’s  (Electro Magnetic Frequencies). Electro Magnetic Frequencies are Fields of energy that surround us and the Planet Earth, we are born with a set of natural EMF’s (the good kind) that help ground us to planet earth … Read moreShieldite Review