Best Natural Sleeping Aids

The Best Natural Sleeping Aids Using Scalar Energy Many people who wonder what the best natural sleeping aids are out there automatically turn to prescription drugs or sleeping pills but those can have dire effects such as dehydration from a dry mouth or throat, diarrhoea, inability to focus and many other symptoms that can hamper … Read moreBest Natural Sleeping Aids

Shieldite Review

What is Shieldite? Shieldite is a product sold by Iyashi Source and IIT Health. It helps protect against EMF’s  (Electro Magnetic Frequencies). Electro Magnetic Frequencies are Fields of energy that surround us and the Planet Earth, we are born with a set of natural EMF’s (the good kind) that help ground us to planet earth … Read moreShieldite Review

EMF’s and EMF Protection

EMF’s and EMF Protection EMF’s are something that we are exposed to every single day. Their acronym is Electro Magnetic Frequencies which are something we are exposed to from Cell Phones, TV’s, Computers just to name a few. They are invisible lines that are emitted by said electronics as well as other forces in our … Read moreEMF’s and EMF Protection

Nu-Me Scalar Pendant Review

Nu-Me Scalar Pendant The Nu-Me Scalar Pendant is a device that balances your energy levels as well as protects you from EMF and disturbed energy. It is embedded with Scalar waves that are able to keep you calm, eliminate stress and boosts your energy as well as helps protect your immune system. Here is a short … Read moreNu-Me Scalar Pendant Review