Using Scalar Energy Products for Pain Relief

Using Scalar Energy Products for Pain Relief Pain relief is a big business, especially for pharmaceutical companies who dose out costly prescriptions that might ease pain in the short term but have dire health effects in the long term. What if I was to tell you that pain as you know it was made up … Read moreUsing Scalar Energy Products for Pain Relief

What are Scalar Waves?

What Are Scalar Waves and Scalar Energy? Scalar waves are Longitudinal waves of energy that are capable of penetrating solid objects faster than the speed of light without losing any momentum. Longitudinal waves are waves that have short left to right compression and expansion of energy in in-equal wavelengths ,sort of like plucking a guitar … Read moreWhat are Scalar Waves?

The Iyashi Scalar Wand Review

Scalar Waves, Scalar WANDS

The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand The True Answer to Targeted Pain Relief¬† Pain is something that everyone experiences in their day to day life, unfortunately some people have to live with it constantly throughout their lives.¬† Finding something that works is hard, finding something that targets specific pain points is even harder! Fortunately the … Read moreThe Iyashi Scalar Wand Review