What are Scalar Waves?

What Are Scalar Waves and Scalar Energy?

Scalar waves are Longitudinal waves of energy that are capable of penetrating solid objects faster than the speed of light without losing any momentum. Longitudinal waves are waves that have short left to right compression and expansion of energy in in-equal wavelengths ,sort of like plucking a guitar string. Scalar waves can easily go from one end of the earth to the other with no momentum loss whatsoever!  Contrary to popular belief Scalar waves are not made up of electromagnetic waves but more so it is comprised of zero point energy. These Scalar Zero Point Energy waves can be used for uses such as communication and energy purposes and are more effective than transverse waves which are waves that are comprised of a larger ,equal wavelength of up and down compression as seen in the diagram below.

Scalar Waves

How Do Scalar waves relate to Healing

To understand this we first have to go to 1976 when a German Biophysics researcher named Frits-Albert Popp  who researched a revolutionary theory called Bio photon Theory which is the theory of light carrier energy particles, he concluded that health was nothing more than well ordered light in the body and the the body worked with these bio photons to maintain health. A healthy body has consistency in the locking of these light carrying bio photons while a sick body the bio photons were separated and in a less consistent locking formation. If enough bio photon energy leaves a body the body ceases to be alive because it can no longer maintain itself.


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In short the best and most mobile device I have used related to Scalar Wave healing is the Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand. I chose this because it has a full spectrum of energy patterns and has EMF protection that helps shield you from pain due to electromagnetic frequencies emitted from everyday electronics like cell phones and computer screens that almost everyone in today’s society uses. The Iyashi Zero Point Healing Wand also comes with lots of information both on their website and in their guide that show you different wanding techniques to do for different pains you may be experiencing.

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