Best Natural Sleeping Aids

The Best Natural Sleeping Aids Using Scalar Energy

Natural Sleeping Aids

Many people who wonder what the best natural sleeping aids are out there automatically turn to prescription drugs or sleeping pills but those can have dire effects such as dehydration from a dry mouth or throat, diarrhoea, inability to focus and many other symptoms that can hamper your daytime performance. Indeed symptoms such as sleep apnea, and sleep insomnia are problems that plague many people including myself. Luckily the power of Scalar Energy can help with this.

To quickly summarise what scalar energy is, it is energy comprised in waves that are capable of penetrating solid objects faster than the speed of light that do not lose momentum when doing so.  It is a powerful energy source that can be used to heal all living things in many different ways such as electronically, magnetically, optically or even physically. It’s waves can imprint on objects and protect from such things as EMF damage and increase our negative ion output to help us live a more energetic fog free life that you could only get if you lived in an environment away from technology that produces these harmful EMF’s in the first place. Some of the benefits can be seen below:Best

  • -Repairs Cellular damage from EMF’s produced by electronics that surround us
    -Increases the energy levels of your cells
    -Strengthens your cells that create stronger molecular bonds to your DNA eliminating potential damage
    -With increased energy levels it accelerates the ability for your cells to intake nutrients and eliminate wastes
    -Increases Immune function within your cells
    – Allows stronger mental focus by targeting brainwave frequencies


My Recommended Products for the Best Natural Sleeping Aids


These are the products I highly recommend as the best natural sleeping aids to relive common sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea, sleep insomnia and narcolepsy to name a few.

Healthy Line Mats

Healthy line PEMF Mats, Healthy Line Mats, Choosing the right healthy Line Mat,Natural Sleeping Aids

These Mats can be a bit costly but they are worth it down the road! Not only can they help you with sleep but they can also heal your through technologies such as Far Infrared Heat Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies and Photon Light therapy. In my experience it is best to use these mats just before you are going to bed. You simply preheat your mat , once it is up to temperature you simply lie on it for 20-30 minutes and it puts your body into a state of rest and repair by penetrating your body and expanding blood vessels and increasing blood flow in the areas connected to the mat. By doing this it gives you the following benefits:

  • -Blood Detoxification
    -Reduces bad fats
    -Reduces water tension
    -Heals wounds and injuries
    -Brings cells to a state of repair relaxing your body in the process.


To see my full review on this product click below!

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Iyashi Scalar Wand

Scalar Energy, Natural Sleeping Aid
Also known as the best zero point energy wand available, the Iyashi Scalar wand is a more mobile cost efficient solution that targets specific areas. Made from Bio Ceramic Energy Technologies this wand helps keep your vibrational frequencies at an optimum level that allows you to have complete rest and repair and maintain balance in your body which keeps it running at an optimum frequency.

To learn more about the Iyashi Scalar Wand click my review below!

Healthy Line Mats,Scalar WANDS,Scalar pendants,Back Pain Relief,Best natural sleep aids

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