Choosing the Right Healthy Line Mat

Choosing the Right Healthy Line Mat

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When choosing the right Healthy Line Mat There are several factors that come into play. With a wide depth and breadth of healing mats it can be confusing as to which one you would like to choose. Fear not! I made a simple guide that will help simplify your decision.


What Size Should I choose?

First thing when choosing the right Healthy Line Mat is what size to choose. The Mat I like the best is the large 76”X 32” Mats because they give you plenty of room to roll around if you take a nap however most of this is due to personal preferences which we state below.

  • Small (20”x 20”)- Great for healing a specific part of your body such as legs abdomen. These smaller mats are more versatile in that you can pit them on a chair or couch or take them anywhere you go.
  • Medium (32”x 20’)- Covers about half of your body which is ideal for resting on your back on the couch.
    Full Sized (72”x 24”)- This style of mat you can place on the floor. It covers an individual sized 6 feet and under which gives them a full head to toe spectrum of healing power.
  • Large (76x” 32”)- For taller or wider individuals that may need more room than the full sized mats. These mats can also cover a full massage table!
  • Specialty- For specific parts of the body comes as neck pillows and support along with knee and leg wraps, belts and vest wraps to target specific areas that may be bothering you.


What Crystals should I choose?

Healthy line Mats have 3 types of crystals to choose from. Amethyst, Jade and Tourmaline. Each has it’s own set of energy frequencies which affect your mood.

  • Amethyst- Great negative ion level, gives off a calming energy which is a great crystal to use before bed or before a nap/
  • Jade- Moderate Negative Ion level. This crystal is kind of an inbetween of Amethyst and Tourmaline. This crystal can also be unheated which provides a cool and relaxing agent.
  • Tourmaline- Has the highest negative ion level of all 3 crystals. It is more of an energetic stone which is good for use throughout the day to keep your energy levels up.

If you are looking for a specific crystal you can choose any of the 3 above but you can also combine 2 or even all 3 for maximum healing frequencies. Coupled with far infrared heat there is no wrong choice as the energetic frequency differences are subtle.


What Flexibility Do you like in your Mat?

When choosing the right Healthy Line Mat flexibility plays a part of the decision. There are 3 different flexibilities

Soft- These mats are flexible and can be easily wrapped or rolled up. There is no stiffness to them so they can wrap around your body. They can also be placed on a chair or couch to form into a certain preferred formation.

Regular- Most of the Healthy line Mats have some stiffness to them but have a bit of bendability. They can be folded up for storage or placed on the floor or a bed. Most of the Healthy Line mats fall under this category.

Stiff- Only PEMF Mats are stiff as in they cannot be bent and need to be placed on a hard surface.

Do you need PEMF?

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency therapy or PEMF is found in certain mats which is used for cellular regeneration to help repair cells from damages such as EMF, Inflammation and radiation. For more information of PEMF Click below.

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Do you need Photon Light Therapy?

Photon Light or Lower Level Lazer therapy is used for skin (epidermis and dermis) to repair and rejuvenate itself and increase blood flow. For more information on Photon Light Therapy Click Below.

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To find out more about Healthy Line Mats Click Below

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