What Can I Use For Back Pain Relief?

What to Use For Back Pain Relief?

Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a symptom that many people suffer with and as a result turn to unhealthy pharmaceutical drugs to relieve it. However the power of Healing Crystals coupled with Far Infrared Heat technology can help aid as a back pain relief solution! There are many different reasons as to why back pain happens, sometimes it is spine related problems, accident or injury that you may have received at one point in your life or even can be something as simple as being triggered by emotional pain!Healthy Line Mats,Back Pain Relief

For a few years I have tried to find the answer to the above question. I usually get back pain when I am finished doing an exercise that involves some sort of back activity such as deadlifts or playing ice hockey, a sharp pain in the lower back usually starts after the activity which gets increasingly annoying throughout my day. Thankfully the solution came to me one day after I finished exercising at a friend’s house!

My friend recently received Healthy Line Amethyst, Jade and Tourmaline Mats Bio Energy Infrared Mat that made my back pain all but go away, I was so impressed I actually bought one! It can be hard to understand at first how a heated mat with different crystals can be used for back pain relief but then I looked into it and found some of the reasons behind this. The Healing Crystals and Far Infrared Heat Therapy are intertwined in that they both need each other to work. When The Crystal Gemstones(Amethyst, Jade and Tourmaline) are heated they create Far Infrared Heat which gives users a whole arsenal of benefits . Some of the benefits that relate to back pain relief are listed below.

Healthy Line Mats

  • -Far Infrared Heat penetrates tissue several inches deep to surround tissue evenlyBack Pain Relief
    – Uses lower heat than that of normal heating pads to soothe irritated tissue at an optimum temperature that prevents heat exhaustion and burns occurring
    -The heat from Far Infrared Heat expands blood vessels nestled deep in your tissue that allows for greater circulation to allow more oxygen rich blood to flow into the surrounding tissue that heals inflammation in irritated spots.
    -detoxifies blood
    -Heals wounds
    -Heals injuries
    -Provides more energy to cells  allows them to repair and retain that energy better
    -Reduces water retention
    – Detoxifies the blood which gets rid of hidden toxins
    -Plus many more benefits


All of these benefits have been proven through extensive research through the FDA and other health related organizations. What makes Healthy Line Mats so effective is the fact that it can penetrate deeper tissue (3-8 Inches)because of it’s close contact with the body as opposed to FIR Saunas that can only penetrate your body 2-3 Inches without targeting specific inflammation points. I have tried both and after 20 minutes in a sauna I felt exhausted and would get headaches that often led to me being sick for a few days. The Healthy Line Far Infrared Heat Mats targets whichever specific part of your body you would like. How does this compare to other Heating Mats out there you ask? See below

Regular Heating Pads

Back Pain Relief

  • -Needs a much higher temperature which can exhaust and overheat the body
    – Heat does not penetrate through tissue very effectively and only lies on the skin.
    -Uses more electrical energy because of its higher heating temperatures
    -Lots of escaped heat because of the carbon fiber or metal wiring
    -No Shielding from EMF’s


Regular Heating pads cannot be counted on for back pain relief because Most of the heat cannot penetrate through to the tissue which is where most back related pains lie while Healthy Line Mats can go deep into tissue expanding blood vessels to circulate blood flow and target restricted vessels caused by inflammation.

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